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Sound Dynamics RTS Documentation

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Hi All,

As you may have seen in another thread, I was seeking a pair of towers to use in my main system, as I could never get the whole bookshelf/sub blending right for 2-channel music.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to score a really nice set of Sound Dynamics RTS-P100 this weekend. Kind of the forerunners of the Athena SCTs, they have a very clear tweeter that is just a little hotter, and two powered 6 1/2" woofers that make my blending issues a thing of the past. Plus my ears break up before the speakers do! All in all, an excellent set of music speakers that did well in HT, and they look really nice with their trapezoidal shape.

Question is, anyone happen to have a product brochure or manual for these babies or the RTS line? I really bought these on my faith in API and some limited reviews (including one that advocated burn in, and another that advocated changing polarity on the tweeter), and am really curious to know what the specs are like.

Thanks in advance anyone, and if you do get a chance to grab a pair of these - don't think about it - just do it.
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