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Interesting ongoing issue with my Toshiba. I put it out here in case anyone has seen a similar issue.

When watching CTV programming, either via Rogers PVR (live or recorded content) or OTA, the transition from commercial back to programming frequently causes my TV sound to cut out.

Effectively the TV goes silent. Picture is fine but there is no sound. Changing volume then has no effect. Changing channel does not cause the sound to return.

To get the sound back, I need to toggle the set on or off. Changing flipping to an alternate Inputs signal also seems to restore the audio (ie from Input 4 cable box, to input 1 - OTA antenna)

It only seems to affect CTV-CFTO programming (but can also occur when their feed is similtaneously substituted on US station by Rogers)

Not catastrophic. Mildly annoying for the last few years of owning this TV. Just wondering if anyone has seen similar symptoms.
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