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Model number of receiver is noted in title of this thread...

Here is my issue - I have my Bell dish coming into one of the HDMI inputs (CBL/SAT), PS3, in the DVR/VCR input, and one HDMI is open. These work fine, and are not the issue.

My problem: I currently have my Nintedo Wii hooked up into the input on the side of my television - This is fine and dandy I suppose, but I have to crank up the volume on the TV when using that, and change the input on the TV. Once finished using the Wii, have to go back to my HDMI 1 input on my television, and make sure I turn off the volume on the TV.

I tried to connect the Wii (with the cable it is supplied with) into one of the open component ports (Red, White, Yellow). When I selected the corresponding button on the remote for my receiver, I get excellent sound, however - no video.... The ports on the receiver are rd/wh/ye, and the cables have been hooked up correctly.

Any idea why I am not getting video showing up on my TV? I noticed in my Wii setup screen - I cannot select the EDTV/HDTV (480P), so I have to have it set to regular TV (480i). Would this be causing my problem? If so, why can I not select the HDTV option on my Wii?
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