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Sony STR-DH520, STR-DH720, and STR-DN1020 A/V Receivers

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Sony Canada today announced the addition of three new models to their A/V receiver line-up in Canada, the STR-DH520, STR-DH720, and STR-DN1020 receivers.

Identical receivers were announced by Sony in the United States yesterday and the most surprising news was the difference in pricing between the two countries.

In the United States, the STR-DH520, STR-DH720, and STR-DN1020 receivers will list for $230, $300 and $500 USD respectively while in Canada they will sell for $300, $400 and $600 CDN respectively.
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Two choices.

- Buy it from the States,
- Buy a different brand.

There is absolutely no reason to support price gouging of any kind. The dollar has been near par for months now. If anything, the price difference should have been twenty bucks at the very worst.
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