A report by Bloomberg today is quoting Shigenori Yoshida, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Sony, as saying the PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services will be fully functional by May 31st.

In a press conference on May 1st Sony said it would begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services beginning last week but did not say when the system would be fully restored.

Sony shut down the two services on April 20th. The next day, Sony said the Playstation Network would be up and running in a day or two. After six days of near silence following the shutdown, Sony finally admitted today that its Playstation Online Network was the victim of hackers and that much and perhaps all of its account holders personal information had been stolen between April 17th and 19th. During that time, Hackers are said to have made off with the personal information of some 77 million subscribers.

Since the shutdown, Sony hired outside security firms to conduct an extensive audit of the system and during May will implement a variety of new security measures proposed by the security firm which they claim will provide greater protection of personal information.

The new security measures include: automated software monitoring and configuration management to help defend against new attacks; enhanced levels of data protection and encryption; Enhanced ability to detect software intrusions within the network, unauthorized access and unusual activity patterns and the implementation of additional firewalls

In addition, PS3 will have a forced system software update that will require all registered PlayStation Network users to change their account passwords before being able to sign into the service. To prevent hackers from taking over subscribers accounts, the password can only be changed on the same PS3 in which that account was activated, or through validated email confirmation.

To encourage users to return, the company also announced a promotion which will offer subscribers a free download of selected content and a month of free service to its PlayStation Plus premium service.

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