Sony Canada today announced the Reader Wi-Fi which the company claims will be the world's lightest eReader and one of the longest lasting thanks to an estimated battery life of over three weeks. With Wi-Fi turned off, battery life is estimated at over a month.

According to the company, the Reader Wi-Fi will also be the first eReader to offer wireless connectivity to the public library system in Canada via a dedicated icon on the device. With eReader and a valid library card, owners should be able to borrow free books from their local library.

Weighing in at just 168 grams, the Reader Wi-Fi features: a 6" E-Ink Pearl screen with 600 x 800 pixels of resolution and 16 levels of gray scale; a clear touch infrared touch screen; 2GB of built-in memory and a MicroSD slot that can take up to a 32GB memory card.

Users can also fine-tune the text on the screen thanks to eight adjustable font sizes and a choice of six font styles. Screen contrast and brightness can also be adjusted for improved viewing in all types of lighting conditions.

Other features include ten built-in translation dictionaries (including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch)and the ability to display a range of digital formats, including the popular EPUB eBook standard plus PDF and TXT documents.

The Reader Wi-FI will be available in October for $169 ($149 in the Unites States) and will come in three colours: Red, white and black

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