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I bought the camera about three weeks ago and like it except for having to take it off the tripod to change tapes. Another annoyance is the proprietary shoe mount which forces the purchase of Sony products.
Picture quality is outstanding and the touch screen menu system is fairly intuitive. I bought a tripod with remote control which is a great feature that reduces camera shake. I was able to remove the remote part and screw it into a much larger (and cheaper) tripod. With high definition, a tripod is best for many shots - especially zoom. After a while, I found that I was better at moving smoothly when panning.
Sound quality is above average although the Sony wireless mic that I bought is going back - lots of static.
My main use so far has been to record presentations although the mandatory shots of cat dog and protesting wife are also in there too. As for how to play back and store - you can record your edited work back to the cassette and use the camera to feed HD equipment. At the moment that's what we pioneers have to do until HD DVD gets sorted out.
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