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Hi all,

Just got my first free GTV player. A nice little piece of technology. When hooking it up, it passes the the HDMI signal from the SD receiver (right now I have it hooked up to my DSR600) and then from the GTV to the TV. i.e. 600 (HDMI out)>GTV (HDMI in)>GTV (HDMI out)>TV. The GTV remote can control the rcvr and the TV pretty much out of the box. It also has all the DVR/PVR functions on the remote and I can add an expandable storage. Does anyone know if it's possible somehow to record what i'm watching onto the GTV or expandable storage off the GTV?

Another feature i love is the Pip. Use all apps of the GTV while still watching my shows and changing channels etc. off the SD rcvr. :)

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