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Sony is delaying the launch of its 3D Handycam video camera by roughly a month due to difficulty securing parts following the March 11 earthquake in Japan.

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami halted factories and disrupted the distribution networks and supply chains on which Japanese electronics makers rely. For Sony, the knock-on effect of this disruption has been a shortage of at least one component for the new camcorders.

A Sony spokesman wouldn't elaborate on the component or components in question.

The camcorder was previously due to launch this month, but will now be available in Japan from May 13. Revised launch dates for other markets were not immediately available from the company's headquarters in Tokyo.

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Sony has delayed a number of new products. New camera that were supposed to be announced earlier this month (NEX-C3, A35) have been delayed as well. Panasonic delayed their G3 camera announcement too. Nikon and Canon were impacted as well which will impact prices this summer.

This will impact all industries and due to continued scheduled blackouts, production will likely be lower for a while. Honda and Toyota are saying it will take more than 6 months to get back to normal production levels.
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