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Folks...I don't know too much about setting A/V stuffs...Can anyone help me out?

I have the following devices:
TV - Sony KDL-46V3000
DVD Home Theatre System: Sony DAV-HDX900W
Game Concole: PS3 & XBOX 360 & Wii
TV Cable Box: Scientific Atlanta (From Rogers)

My main problem is the PS3 audio issue....
I connected the HDMI cable from the home theatre system to my TV's HDMI 1 I can watch movie, and the sound comes out from the external speaker. This is really good!

But when I connect my PS3 HDMI cable to TV's HDMI 2 has video, and the audio comes from my TV......How can i have my PS3 audio comes out from my external speaker also (without using optical)....

Please help :) Thanks very very much!

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Well, since the HTiB doesn't have an HDMI input for audio, you're going to have to use optical or coaxial audio inputs, as per page 32 of the HTiB's operating manual. Since the PS3 only has optical, that's the only choice you've got - connect directly from the PS3 to the HTiB via optical (or the inferior analogue audio connection).

I'm not sure if you can use the coaxial audio connection for the Rogers STB since the HTiB manual says "or" for those two connections, but if you can't then you'll either need to use analogue audio (red/white cables) for one or more of your devices, or get yourself an external optical switch.

HTiBs don't have a lot of flexibility in this regard. With all those devices, you should have a proper AVR and not an HTiB. If you were to try to go "through" the TV for your audio using it as a switch, you'd probably lose the DD5.1 audio, as per the following FAQ (bolding), but that may be the sacrifice you need to make if you don't wish to replace your HTiB or find other "workarounds" for your 360 and Wii:

Here's the FAQ on AVR features:

Here's a post useful for those new to this stuff - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:
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