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Sony Bravia KLV-40ZX1M LCD just 9.9mm thick.

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Sony is also introducing the 40-inch diagonal 1920 x 1080p KLV-40ZX1M flat panel LCD monitor. The revolutionary super-slim display measures just approximately 9.9mm deep and weighs about 26 pounds.

Available this Christmas season. Pricing not announced
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The model features a wide color gamut LED backlight delivering exceptional color reproduction and detailed contrast and Sony’s Motionflow 120 Hz technology for exceptional clarity and resolution when viewing film or video content with motion.

Other features include Sony’s BRAVIA Engine 2, a single HDMI input and compatibility with Sony’s BRAVIA Wireless Link allowing users to stream high-definition content wirelessly to the TV from high-definition sources such as a set-top cable or satellite tuner or Blu-ray Disc player.

Other optional accessories include a flat-matching speaker bar with four full-range speakers and two tweeters and a wall-hugging bracket that completes the stunning package.


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This could've been nice if you had the option to take it off the base and mount it on a wall. With the big base, it ends up taking the same amount of space as conventional flat-panels.

Other than the "cool" factor could someone tell me why the thickness of a TV has become such a selling point with just about every brand? I don't get it.
Because it sells:

- Thinner TVs
- Smaller Phones
- More powerful cars

Etc, etc.

It's not based on need, it's based on marketing and wants (bragging rights).
Thanks 57. That's what I thought. I was hoping that there might be a good solid technical advantage for once.
In stores this week, the KLV-40ZX1M will sell for $4,199.99
New name for Super thin TV

It's being called the Celine Dion of the tv world. :D
Was in the Sony store the other day, lifted the KLV-40ZX1M with one hand. It looked nice but not $4,200 nice.

Will be interesting to see if the 2009 XBR's are 9.9 mm or less in depth?
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