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They had the S360 on for $99. FS has it for $149. Am I to assume this box is beginning to be cleared out to make room for the 370 ?
The Sony BDP S370 is already on sale at various outlets including FS, however it appears to be starting off at a much higher price point in Canada ($100 more), compared to the US...which is ridiculous...but seems the norm :rolleyes:

Some of the new features are mentioned in Hugh's sticky above.

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just picked the 360 up here in victoria for $99 (blockbuster)
it is sitting in the box unopened
haven't specced any gear for quite a while
i wonder if i should get the lg350 ?
not a game player
mainly concerned about how the player works, speed and upconverting especially
though i would eventually like to region-free it

also, do all players "forget" last position on discs ?
this seems to be an incredible oversight in design

can anyone point out obvious or major differences between these two players ?

also, i am thinking i would actually pay more if i could geta player that "remembers" the newer players "remember" ?

also, lack of eject on remote is bit of pain on sony, sometimes you need to eject to stop a disc from doing all of it's tomfoolery
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