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Hey guys, with the new Shaw personalizer plan I decided to try the Shaw Nitro internet (100mbps). Had some questions with bottlenecks and stuff:

1) I know the theoretical max is (100mbps/8 = 12.5 MB/sec) for downloads now, so if I connect my modem directly to my desktop computer with gigabit ports that should be the most "ideal" setup to get as close to this speed right?

2)I have a DIR-655 dlink extreme router, if I go cable modem -> router -> and hardwire to that desktop will I loose any speed? (I notice shaw only tests direct connections and usually removes the router when they do the install)

3)For my laptops, I have 2 one has a wireless g card (54mbps) and the other is a wireless n card (atheros ar9285). Now if I understand how the wireless ones work 54mbps is its theoretical max but you will never anywhere close to that right? so should I expect that the max Ill get is 2 MB/sec?

4) For the wireless N, I have read the only way to get 300mbps is if you set the router to N only and I'm not sure if the wireless n card in the laptop needs anything else to get to 300mbps? The best I have seen is 240mbps according to my router but mostly 120-150 can I expect that Ill get anywhere near full speeds there?


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1. Theoretically yes, pragmatically I doubt it would make a difference
2. Theoretically yes, pragmatically I doubt it would make a difference
3. 54 Mbps is theoretical, realistically 15 to 20.
4. Yes and I would say the speeds you are getting is quite good.

Why the big concern? Most internet trips have a lot of hops, adding an extra fraction of a millisecond for your home network is a miniscule portion of the overall trip.

For downloads, Wireless N is definitely better than G but wired is best.
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