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I've used Google Duo for quite some time and it so far has been one of the Best video chat programs in my personal opinion because of the following features:

Cross Platform capability, works on many platforms, Windows, Google Android, iPhone (ios), Mac, google nest hub, and even the Smart TV w/ external camera.
Works with both Telephone number or email address, my kids don't have a phone number but can use it on their Chromebook or tablets to call or sned me messages
Group calling, we chatted with a few family members in a video call.
It is very easy to use, it will know which contacts on your contacts address book is capable of calling automatically.

I have been quite happy with it, but now it appears Google has an existing product called Google Meet that they are merging duo into.
I've never used Meet before but it came on my phone. Unlike Duo, Meet has a meeting ID much like Zoom or Webex which is desirable and preferable by companies. Makes sense. but now it looks like they basically merged the two video calling apps into one so the New meet is the old meet plus duo combined into one app.

I will give Meets a try when the app gets an update and see how it is. So far it looks promising
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