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SNL - Saturday Night Live (Comedy) Global/NBC

It's on most Saturdays, 11:30 PM to 1 AM EST Eastern Standard Time on Global / NBC.
... and I've never seen SNL time shifted ...

Great Comedy Show. I love it.
The sketches are great and show great insight, comedy and creativity.
The players / regulars ... I think they're great.

(various types of comedy and entertainment, some simple, some complex)

SNL usually has a guest HOST and a Musical Guest.

I thought I should finally start a thread to discuss the SNL shows.

Post the date of the show, and discuss away ...
What you like ... what you found funny, hilarious.

Thank you Global for carrying it in Canada.
Thank you NBC as the U.S. network carrying it.

Thank you for everyone involved in the show. All the best.

You made me laugh - many times over ... you make my Saturday Night!

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SNL - Saturday Jan 15, 2011

Guest Host - Gweneth Paltrow
Musical Guest - ? (someone post it for me ...)


Sportsnet Deportes - if you understand some Spanish ... hilarious. Comparing / making fun of the way some Spanish sports casts are done ... hilarious ... and if you understand "Latino" culture a little ...
Laughing also at the way the "English First Language" players played the parts ... good sketch. LOL.

The sketch with the Shakespearean players - making fun of the intros at the movie theatre ... great ... very creative.

Gweneth Paltrow playing model Heidi Klum near the end of the show.
Loved it. And the other guy, who's really sick/crude, trying to get a "compatible co-host" - great idea for a sketch.

Musical Guest - as always - very entertaining ... I've heard some of the music before - but I'm not up to date on all the new names and bands of today. Someone help me out with the musical guest. Interesting reversal - Male lead singer and All Female band members ... I like the band concept. All Ladies playing guitars and keyboards ... all Ladies slinging the AXE's / Guitars ... the BASE guitar ... the Keyboards - great concept.

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Musical guest was Cee Lo Green, formerly front man for Gnarls Barkley. Probably the most famous song from them was Crazy:

His hit right now is "(rhymes with truck) you!", made radio-friendly by changing the title lyric to "forget you".

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Saturday Sept 3, 2011

Watching tonight - it's a previous live show from earlier, but I did't see it yet.

Host: Gianfiakos (spelling wrong for sure)

Musical Guest: Jessie Jay ( hola baby! nice performance and music)

Weekend Report News Cast w/Seth Mayers - always good and twisted.
Christin Whig - She's hilarious. Christin's Great - always.
Did a Skit on the Live Theatre shows.
With the famous songs and changed lyrics:
Lion King - with the puppet animals on a string. Acunna Matada! No worries!
Spiderman - webs shoot from my wrists.

Another Skit:
The Adult Theme Pool. Topless Theme.
"There's never enough chlorine in the pool."

Skit: Celebrity Scoop from Canada
"The Road's Closed" (due to the snow and bad weather)
They all sounded like they had Scottish and Irish and even Swedish or Scandinavian Accents. Kinda funny. But they were missing the QUEBECOIS French accent ! Looked like a RED GREEN lodge show.

The AD / Commercial Skit:
Christin Whig: The Mommy who's brainwashed and totally WRONG.
Corn Syrup.
Her daughter who asks if she can have more sugar laced freshie.
Mommie / Christin Whig says YES . Sure.
Drinking it in a plastic cup - looking like it's ALCOHOL - like she's a party girl. Then running away to play with her friends, on a sugar high, with her skirt pulled down a little at the back, showing a BUTT CRACK! Played by MALE member of comedy troup!

Ha ha haa ...

Saturday Night Live - Totally TWISTED Man. Helps to have a couple drinks on a Saturday Night while watching it.

Some humour / skits - you don't get right away - but it's subconcious - your subconcious mind just knows / and can work out later maybe - that' there's something really twisted about the humour - and you know it's funny.

SNL - love it. Thanks all.

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SNL - recorded on Sat Sept 10, 2011

Again, it's a previously aired SNL episode, not a live new episode, but I did not see the live one back in May.

Previously aired on Mother's Day weekend 2011. Sat May 7 / Sun May 8, 2011.


Host - Tina Fey (Expecting 2nd Child !)

Musical Guest - Ellie Golding (Sp ?) - sings a nice version of Elton John's "My Song", during the latter half of the show.


1. OSAMA BIN LADEN, skits and themes throughout show.
"the devil" skit - funny. The Devil gets Osama Bin Laden in Hell skit - and how even the Devil is outdone by the evil of Osama.

2. Pregnant Skits - Warning - some are crude, rude, gross, and disturbing. Some are very disgusting - perhaps not enjoyable to all - but hey, its SNL.
Some are more tame, creative and funny. ex. the two expecting Mom's with the ultrasound machine showing the babies inside mom, singing.

3. FOX News skit - a few different Republican Characters - funny.

4. Seth Meyers & the News - funny as always. GAY "Stephane" - hilarious as always - Stephane himself, the actor - laughing uncontrollably at himself during his own skit ... you know it's must be good when you force yourself to laugh !

Next show - (Season Premiere? Not sure, this upcoming Saturday? Sept 17, 2011) - the posted up during this broadcast as:

SNL - Sept 17, 2011 - Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga (musical guest?)

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(This Season's premiere *TONIGHT* Sept 24 - stay tuned - thanks Jayson !, for previous post. )

SNL that I recorded on Sept 17, 2011 - but it was a replay of an earlier show.
I think they said it was the season finale of this passed season - season just passed.

( Just had time, now, tonight, finally to view this one - that I recorded last Saturday Night )

Guest Host: Justin Timberlake
Musical Guest: Lady Gaga

1. Kristin Whig - the TEA lady - in a tea bag costume
Justin Timberlake - the BEER guy - in beer bottle costume
Lady Gaga - the Wine lady - in a wine bottle costume

"The tea bagger lady, I'm gonna tea bag you!"
(and if you know what giving someone a tea bag is ... ha ha)

Competing for the same street corner sales spot.

2. WXPD news
Herb Walsh as the old fashioned, previous generation, way out of date news reporter.

3. SNL Digital Short. The 2 guys in multi coloured outfits and jackets. Who get GAYER and GAYER as the skit goes on. The parody they do on "THREE's Company" comedy tv show - with 2 guys and 1 girl, rather than 2 girls and 1 guy. With Jack Tripper (John Ritter), Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt), and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Sommers) look alikes. ! The THREE WAY ! ha ha funny.

4. Musical - Lady Gaga plays piano, sings, dances - I think a combination of songs? "Tonight Ya Baby, tonight ..." / "On the edge of Glory" / "Still in love with Judas baby / Just a Holy Fool" (?)

5 Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Regular News Skit.
REALLY ? w/Seth. Re: Arnold Schwartznegger skit.
"Get in the Cage" w/Nicholas Cage and Bradley Cooper "the Cooper Scooper"
Pillow Fight in the Bed Bug Capital of the World. where?
A brief appearance from GAY STEPHANE ... wink wink.

6. What's That Name? (Celebrity Edition) Game show.
Celebrity Contestant: Timberlake - no memory for names of important people he should know - they really make him look bad. hee hee.
but Celebrity Contestant Gaga ...- knows/remembers all the names and details- no problem.

7. Merryville Tunnel of Love Ride. Ride is broken. Guy and Girlfriend enter. KOOKIE robots in the ride, dressed as barber shop quartet, singing funny stuff, making plays on girlfriend, robot marries girlfriend, other robot at the end is gay, and hits on boyfriend.

8. Secret Word game show. Host: Bill Hader.
Mindy Alese Wilson (Kristin Whig, Katherine Hepburn look alike and character w/reddish hair?)
Celebrated Mentalist/Hypnotist ... the Mysterious Krendell (Justin Timberlake).

9. Musical - Lady Gaga performs her song: "I'm on the right track / born this way." (puts on a pregnant costume and sits in a stirrup chair near the end of the song ... a little shocking - the end of that performance.)

10. The Barry Gibb Talk Show (parody on The BEE GEES)
Barry Gibb and brother Robin Gibb. Pretty Funny !
Sing and imitatate the Bee Gees singing and talking style, while interviewing (but not really) various important people - Ben Bernanke etc.
Barry Gibb - tripping out and freaking out on people
brother Robin - trying to keep him under control
(the Bee Gees songs, singing and voice immitations are hilarious.)
... and when there's a Full Moon, Barry Gibb, he says he gets chained to a radiator (because he turns into a warewolfe!) - re his ample facial hair - beard and side burns, and full furry chest hair.

Tuning in tonight, after work, for the season premiere ...

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SNL Sat Nov 19, 2011

Mitt Romney opening sketch.

Host: Jason Segal

Musical Guest: Florence and the Machine

[ Wow ! - Florence has quite a unique singing voice and style - very coloured - I do like it - clear and loud - and sounds very sincere and original. It is definitely her's and unique, sincere and original - Great sound, Great voice. ]

Jason Segal, opening song with the Muppets on piano. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and a few of the Muppet gang. song: " But I can't believe I'm hosting SNL "
[ Looks like there is a movie coming out soon with Jason Segal and the Muppets ]

Commercial - RED FLAG - Kristen Wiig in a red dress at a cocktail party - the lady who everyone can just tell is trouble. "I'm a dancer." Wearing "Red Flag perfume by Chanel - smells like trouble" - haa haa LOL.

Live with Regis and Kelly - turn out later to be the Kathy and Kelly show.

Commercial - Kemper Pedic Me Time Mattress ( I can pull my pud on my side of the Mattress without disturbing my wife sleeping right beside me - ya sic)

The Vogelchecks - that disgusting kissing family. Thanksgiving skit. Happy Thanksgiving from the Vogelchecks - ya gross

Florence and the Machine perform, I think - "It's always darkest before the Storm" great.

Weekend update with Seth. John Huntsman - Rep Candidate from New Hampshire. "REALLY!" w/Seth and Kermit the frog - "Food at School" - pretty funny.

The retirement lodge.

A New Jack Thanksgiving. Improvised funny Rap / other Music Videos.
Several funny ones ... but ...
Kristen Wiig plays "Triangle Sally", who sings nothing and plays only the triangle, one "DING", accompanied by interesting background music.
[ and they comment afterwards that the music sounds like what they heard on a porno ... haa haa. Kristen Wiig - can project such comedy with just a look, a situation, and a facial expression ... gotta love Kristen Wiig on SNL ]
[ reminds me a little of some of Carol Burnett 's comedy style ]

SNL Digital Short - CHESS - Seducing women through chess, then checkers, then Jenga, then eating glass, then hiring a prostitute. ( And the women always win at all these games - the poor sap trying to pick them up is the always the loser)

Andre the Giant chooses an Ice Cream flavour.

Florence and the Machine perform "Revelation" ? I think.

Massechusetts Afternoon. Song skit at "The Empty Glass" bar.

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SNL Vintage (older shows) on NBC

Thought I would mention here on this SNL thread I created long time ago;

They're showing Older VINTAGE SNL's on NBC ( & maybe Global partner network as well - not sure yet.)

SNL VINTAGE: On NBC (& Global ?) Saturday's between 10 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time for me.

Two Saturday's ago - SNL Vintage from Dec 13, 1975 - 1st year of SNL.
3rd show of all time ... I think they mentioned.
Richard Pryor - comedian - hilarious. The Muppets (of Jim Henson) - the Snurches - hilarious.

Last Saturday - SNL Vintage - I think, from memory, it was April 1978. 3rd year of SNL.
[ Steve Martin - Guest. King Tut performance + a lot more. Quite good / funny stuff from SNL past. ]

They give a warning at the start of the SNL Vintage show.

"Warning - what was once considered shocking, may now be considered offensive." [ Ya, but that makes it also funny !]

" This is being shown in a little earlier timeslot than normal. "

SNL current show / current season, happens same night, 11:30 PM - 1 AM for me, Eastern Time, NBC / Global. Just a half hour after SNL Vintage finishes.

The Vintage shows from the past - are funny / good. If you like SNL type comedy - I recommend - watch or record those SNL VINTAGE shows.

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SNL Regular / Current:

Christmas Episode recently:

Kenan Thompson - as Santa Claus / Something Claus - was funny - great in the Sump'n Claus (The Something Santa Clause) skit.

Keenan - "Everybody Get's Sump'n" ! oh it is to laugh ...

Kenan Thompson - in a Santa Clause outfit, singing a RAP tune, handing out CASH to all those that have been Naughty and not nice - done really bad things.

ie. No matter how bad you've been, or what really bad thing you've done this past year (examples shown / and sung in RAP) ... you get CASH ! from the Sump'n Claus.

Kenan's doin some pretty good skits recently on SNL ...

SNL Vintage - seen a few more good old vintage episodes over the past few months too. Shows from the 70's and 80's - some of them.

Musical Guests - Paul Simon, B-52's, Robert Plant with band "The Honeydrippers".

Hosts: recently on the older SNL Vintage - like Eddy Murphy, and way back - Richard Pryor.

MORE TO COME this year, I hope on SNL Vintage.

Overall SNL is ok. - some comedy skits better than others / that's natural- comedy is not easy. Some will hit and some will flop.

Can't all be super funny.
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