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I set the recorder tonight on timer to record SNL at home tonight on Global, Rogers Analog Cable 3 in Ottawa.

Let me see what came out on the recorder. I'll do that later on, when I'm back home after work ... and after some sleep.

I'll review it later and see if I picked up tonight's "BUTCHERING" of SNL - Saturday Night LIVE, on Global ... that you mention.

I have the ability to pick out the Butchered parts by "A-B Editing" and then "Burn to DVD" - if you want to document evidence to keep and forward.

I hate SIMSUBS too - and have been on a long anti-simsubs rant as well.

I like SNL too - that's why I record it to watch later.

Thanks to Global for providing SNL on their network in Canada.

No thanks to Global for Butchering it with SimSub ADS on their channel (Ottawa Analog cable 3)- if that's what happened.

No thanks to Global and Cable Co. (Ottawa Rogers) for over-riding NBC's signal(Ottawa Analog 9 - NBC) with Global's version (they usually do that) - hence DENYING the viewer the choice and ability to see the American NBC network broadcast version - complete and unmodified - program, advertisements et all.

FYI - I also created a wide open thread back a while ago (within the rules of the FORUM - of course) for open discussion of the Simsubs issue:

Digital Forum > Canadian Cable, IPTV, Over-the-Air, and Satellite Television > Canadian Television Industry / Channels and Providers
Anti Simsubs - General Discussion and Strategy Thread

... there's also an existing SimSub Reporting thread in the Forum, where members report the simsub screw ups they witness:

Digital Forum > Canadian Cable, IPTV, Over-the-Air, and Satellite Television > Canadian Television Industry / Channels and Providers
Sticky: Faulty HD Simsub Log - See Post 1 for Guidance
There's good advice and procedure here - how to document the faulty simsub, and how to complain about it, and share it with others.

I'm in your corner ...

2,013 Posts
O.K. so now I've had a chance to review carefully what I recorded.

Yes, best I can tell, my opinion, they cut off some of SIR PAUL McCartney's & Band's performance. Start of one cut, end of the encore at the end of the SNL show, when they were running the credits.

It seemed to get worse towards the end of the SNL show. Normally you see the SNL billboard as they cut back to the program ... but when they butchered the show ... you don't see the SNL billboard ... that is the first good indication of missing content.

And that just SUCKS.

And yes ... I was singing along too. Esp at the end. And then they just cut it off. For what? Entertainment Tonight?

Hey Global - Listen up ... Why don't you cut off the beginning of that ET show ... and let SIR PAUL McCartney & Band ... & SNL credits ... finish up.

No respect ... no respect at all.

When they get such a famous Musical Host on SNL as SIR Paul McCartney ... why do they have to screw it up like that?

O.k. now I've calmed down a bit ... it wasn't all that bad ... but crap Global ... pay attention!

Added to all this ... the recent aniversary of the death of John Lennon, another member of the Beatles, such disrespect by Global is just NOT GOOD.

They don't understand the signifigance.

I request an apology from Global ... and a full re-play of that SNL show on Global ... without anything "cut out".

I don't care where they get the full program ... go get it ... and replay it.

By the way ... last night's SNL show was awsome. Very funny. Hillarious! Really GREAT. I was laughing throughout.

Oh my goodness. SNL / NBC - thank you for the laughs. Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks in the end Global for carrying it in Canada - but take care! Don't butcher it Global ! Yer broadcasters ... not butchers. Smarten up. If you got a good thing ...don't screw it up.

Ya ... good reason enough to "BEEF UP your OTA setup".

Global - smarten up - or viewers bye bye - to OTA (or other options) ... those that are able.
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