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As of January 1st, 2011, SlySoft will discontinue the 'lifetime' update
subscription. This is being announced well in advance to give everybody
a final opportunity to acquire SlySoft products and product upgrades
with lifetime free updates and renew limited subscriptions to lifetime.

To make your decision even easier, you'll get a 20% discount, applicable
to all products including upgrades from AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD and renewals
of update subscriptions for all SlySoft products.

This promotion is only valid until Friday, December 31 2010, so if you
are entertaining the thought of purchasing one or more of our products,
now is the right time to act ...

If you plan to upgrade an AnyDVD license to AnyDVD HD, please do so prior
to purchasing subscription renewals:

https://secure.slysoft. com/upgrade.php?coupon=xmas2010

Please use this link to renew the update subscriptions of your products:

https://secure.slysoft. com/renewal.php?coupon=xmas2010

Other SlySoft products and renewals are available from our purchase page:

http://www.slysoft. com/en/purchase.html

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas season,

Your SlySoft Team
Not sure why they're doing it other than Lifetime subscription models don’t provide for a very good revenue. It seams to me I've seen them send this email out before.
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