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I've been having some ongoing issues with my Telus TV set-top boxes ever since an onsite technician upgraded them from Minerva to the Mediaroom platform nearly a year ago. And, the issues seem to worsen with every Mediaroom software update that gets pushed out. The PVR is an IPN430MC (160GB silver Scientific Atlanta). The non-PVR is an IPN330HD (silver Scientific Atlanta).

The most annoying issue is with the IPN430MC (PVR). It feels extremely sluggish and slow to respond to both the remote control or key presses on the front of the STB. It's hard to explain, but, as an example, when I press the menu or guide buttons, I get a 2 second delay, followed by the menu opening very slowly. Sort of like a 2 frames per second visual. It's bad enough now that I've just replaced it with the non-PVR IPN330HD which appears much more responsive. Yay, no Telus PVR features for me!

Also, the PVR, has very limited IR range. For example, regardless of which of the two remotes I use (new batteries), I have to point the remote directly at the PVR no more than 10 feet away. The non-PVR box works with either remote from anywhere in the living room. It's as if the IR sensor in the PVR has some issues...?

I've always assumed maybe these Telus TV boxes just aren't that responsive. That is until I was channel surfing on one of the newer (black) PVRs at a friends. It's responsiveness and speed was amazing compared to my old crap. I did not observe any of my issues on his PVR.

To further my frustrations, sometimes (BOTH boxes) will become completely unresponsive. TV will still play, however, none of my input commands (either remote or front panel buttons) do anything. The only way to change channels again is to power cycle the STB, wait 5 minutes for them to reboot, and then everything is fine for a few days. Also, at times when it seems the STB is ignoring commands, after 20 seconds, suddenly it's like all the keypresses happen all at once. It's really bizarre.

Sometimes the menu or guide screens will show half on the screen (like a graphics glitch) and not clear until I reboot again.

So to summarize, my issues are:
  • PVR (IPN430MC) exhibits most problems. Non-PVR (IPN330HD) exhibits fewer issues, however, it too is less responsive than any of the newer black STBs
  • PVR very slow to respond to remote or front panel button commands
  • PVR delaying commands, then all keypresses at once come through as batch 20 seconds later
  • Sluggish and delayed menu graphics
  • TV still playing fine, but menu/guide shows partial graphics frozen on screen, no response to keypresses
  • PVR has poor IR sensitivity (direct line-of-site max 10 feet)
  • Power cycling seems to resolve a number of issues for a few days
  • Sometimes HD programming shows as a small 16:9 box in the centre of the screen, goes back to full screen after a reboot.

So, I'm left wondering... Do these older boxes support, without issue, Mediaroom and it's latest revisions? Is this older hardware known to have compatibility or performance issues? Will Telus replace these with newer models? Any suggestions? Should I just call up 310-MYTV and nag them, hoping they don't accuse it all of being in my head :rolleyes:...?
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