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I have been subscribed to TMN/HBO for perhaps three years now. The main reasons were the introduction of on demand and the incredibly better experience of HD vs. SD. I find this feature very convenient as my lifestyle makes it difficult to watch movies as scheduled (mostly because they are really scheduled for the Eastern Time Zone.

As posted on another thread, in Atlantic canada we have been stripped (hopefully very temporarily) of TMN/ HBO HD on demand.

But all along, I have found the management of the selection menus very irritating.

There are a lot of mistakes and omissions. Examples from earlier this summer:

- Bill Maher: Episodes listed 175, 177, 178, 182, 183. Where were 176, 179, 180, 181? I think they had been deleted but some episodes listed were older?

- The Pacific: Shows up twice in the menu as "The Pacific" (episodes 1-9 except 7) and "Pacific" (only #6).

- Nurse Jackie: Three subfolders "Nurse Jackie" (first season all episodes except 10), "Nurse Jackie 1" (also first season all 12) and "Nurse Jackie 2" (all 9 to that date).

- Six Feet Under 5 had an episode of Entourage listed.

Like I said, very annoying. I missed three Bill Maher episodes.

Besides that, this summer we started watching The Pacific, got thru 3 episodes and then the dreaded hourglass saying only two days left to watch. So we scrambled to watch 7 episodes in two nights. Guess what, the series is still available on demand (not in HD).

Anybody else find this irritating and unacceptable? If so, let them know.

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