Sling Media this week announced the release of the SlingPlayer Mobile player for the Apple iPad.

The software application is the mobile equivalent of the Sling Player software which lets users remotely control their Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD.

"A Slingbox is the perfect accessory to an iPad," said John M. Paul, executive vice president of products at Sling Media. "When combined with the new SlingPlayer Mobile app, now anyone with an iPad can enjoy a beautiful, personalized TV experience anywhere in the world."

Reaction to the application on the iTunes Canada store is decidedly mixed. Of the 21 recorded ratings to date, ten have given the app five stars (the highest rating) while ten have given the app one star (the lowest rating). The biggest complaint appears to be that the iPad app does not work with the Slingbox Pro device, despite the fact that the Pro version works with the Slingplayer app for the iPhone.

The Slingplayer for Apple iPad is available from the iTunes Canada app store and costs $30. The app will only work with the SlingBox Solo, Pro-HD and will not work with older Slingbox devices such as the Slingbox Pro, Classic, AV and Tuner.

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