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I just purchased a Slingbox PRO-HD Model SB300-140.

I am having major issues with video playback on my local area network. The picture is constantly freezing and optimizing. I have to go below 500kb for the smoothest playback and even then it still freezes and stutters quite a bit.

I have sling player installed on an HP Media Centre PC (Specs below)
-Windows Vista 64 bit
-500GB Hard Drive (Well over 200GB free)
-Intel Quad Core Processor at 2.8GHz

I have a linksys 10/100/1000 router and the PC in questiion has a gigabit ethernet connection to the router.

I can't see my PC's hardware being the problem as it exceeds the minimum requirements by quite a bit and my LAN should be more then sufficient for HD playback. Anyone have any ideas what might be happening here?
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