Sirius XM Radio last week announced the Lynx Portable Radio was now available from the broadcasters website. The radio is the second device with SiriusXM 2.0 capabilities, the first was the Edge.

SiriusXM 2.0 is a new broadcasting technology announced in October which the company says uses “highly efficient modulation and compression techniques” to deliver 25% more bandwidth capacity without affecting the broadcast quality of existing channels.

SiriusXM 2.0 technology is only available to SiriusXM subscribers in the United States but many Sirius Canada and XM Canada subscribers are hopeful that it will come to Canada in coming years.

In addition to being able to tune in more channels, the Android powered Lynx radio also provides subscribers with interesting features such as the ability to: record up to 200 hours of programming, stream content via Bluetooth, pause and rewind live radio, search up to 7 days of programming and select programming from a touch screen display.

Another neat feature is Tune Start which automatically starts the currently playing song from the beginning so listeners will hear the whole song when tuning to any of their satellite radio music channels saved as a Favorite channel.

Additional features when tuned to SiriusXM Internet Radio via Wi-Fi networks include:
  • Start Now which allows subscribers to go back 5 hours to select and listen to previously broadcast programming.
  • View program information, album art and read artist bios.
  • Rewind to hear programming again or skip forward to hear what's playing next.
  • Pause live radio and pick up right where the listener left off
  • Access to Show Finder, the electronic programming guide.

The Lynx is now available from SiriusXM for $250 U.S. A vehicle and home kit are also available for $70 each.

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