Sirius XM Canada, the merged company which operates the XM Canada and Sirius Canada satellite radio services, today announced that it reached the two million subscriber mark.

On May 31st of this year, the combined company had 1.92 million subscribers consisting of 1,266,000 Sirius subscribers and 661,200 XM subscribers.

Reaching the two million milestone means Sirius XM has gained about 75,000 new subscribers since the June 21st merger.

The total number of self-paying subscribers on May 31st was 1,324,230. The company did not announce what percentage of the two million subscribers were self pays. Self-paying subscribers are actual customers who paying for the service and do not include subscribers currently in an OEM trial period where the automakers has agreed to pay for all or a portion of the trial period service; or subscribers through wireless providers where XM receives a portion of the revenues.

In the United States, Sirius XM reported it had 21 million subscribers at the end of June.

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