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My Sirius radio signal cut out last week in the middle of the day, while working. I thought it was a faulty antenna, so I ordered a new one from eBay. In the meantime, I decided it was time for a new boombox anyway, so I picked up the new one with a Starmate 8.
I hooked it up at home, worked fine for getting a signal and playing the preview channel.
I brought the new unit into work, NO SIGNAL. Both the Satellite and Terrestrial signal indicators are at zero. I'm currently in an office tower, downtown Edmonton, with a large open window, facing east, and am able to point the antenna south. I've been in this office for 5 years now, with the same radio setup, with no signal issues until now.

Any ideas on what I can do? Seems like a waste to have this now with no signal. and I'm having Howard Stern withdrawals.

EDIT: Sirius support just confirmed with me that it is an Alberta-wide issue and they are "working on a resolution".
EDIT: Mods: This can be moved to the Sirius XM board, apologies.
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