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I've started testing a new app called, an app that solves a problem that I've been trying to solve for years.

My problem: I want to plug in my iPod/iPad/Zune and at any given time sync it with my Recorded TV.

The challenge: To do this on demand takes literally days with the HD content. To pre-process it leaves you with an ever-growing library of converted content that doesn't stay in sync with your main library.

The solution: converts all of your content to an iPod-friendly format, keeps that content in sync with your Recorded TV directory, and provides a super-easy podcast interface that you click once and your mobile device is kept up to date.

Anyways, they're in open beta right now for a few weeks and I'll be submitting plenty of feedback because for me and my family this is a killer app. You may wish to do the same.
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