Microsoft Hardware has announced the SideWinder X4 keyboard which the company promises will provider PC gamers more control over their gaming experience thanks to "anti-ghosting" technology.

Ghosting occurs when a key is held down for a prolonged period of time while playing a game and the function continues to be performed even after the key is released.

The anti-ghosting technology allows gamers to press up to 26 keys at once and because each key is scanned independently by the keyboard hardware, each key press is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at the same time.

“We know that ghosting can be a problem for gamers, so we wanted to develop a way to eliminate this issue and improve the overall gaming experience" said Steven Bathiche, research manager of the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft.

The new keyboard also offers other advanced gaming features such as macro recording, mode and profile switching, and adjustable backlighting.

The SideWinder X4 Keyboard will be available in March. Pricing will be $70 in Canada and $60 in the United States.

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