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The VT25 is the top end, not the G series. The G's are the first level of THX certified displays.

Image retention is not a big deal if you exercise the TV after you game for a while or watch a bunch of w/d flicks. What this means is that you put on some material that fills the screen with plenty of movement for about 15 to 20 min after you game ... and then you turn the tv off. This eliminates the retention and you are good to go the next time.

(Sleep timer is a good way to use something like this) I loaded a number of pictures into my Samsung plasma and just run the slide show for 15 minutes.

Oh yes, the 5000000 to 1 contrast numbers are just made up. They mean nothing. Manufacturer trainers and QA people have even said that to me. They wait to see what a competitor comes up with for a number and they just make their number higher.

Real contrast ratio numbers for full on/off are more likely under 10000:1 ... (when done the correct and accepted way)

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