Yesterday Canada’s shopping website, Shopify, launched a new mobile app called Sello, which feels like Instagram, and operates a bit like Etsy.

Shopify is marketing the app as the ‘simplest way to sell online’, allowing users to sell through their social networks. It encourages potential sellers to “Get a brand new online store to call your own. No setup time. No coding.”

How it works:

Sello allows anyone to take a picture of an item to sell, and then price it. Users can choose from shipping options before clicking on a link to connect to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. It’s reported that Sello is linking to a total of 12 social media networks.

Listings are free, but actions aren’t. Sello takes a fee of 3% for each successful transaction on their site.

Shopify, Sello’s parent company, said they are hoping to make it easier for more people to sell more goods online.

“For someone who has never sold before, there are a lot of barriers to entry,” said Christopher Lobay, Shopify’s director of product. “We wanted to remove those.”

Sello, as mentioned above, is being compared by some to other online selling avenues. In spring of 2014, Etsy launched an app for sellers called Sell on Etsy and eBay revamped its mobile app this year, combining its premium valet service with its core app.

Christopher Lobay, director of product for Sello argues that Sello is different from these two selling services, which often have part-time sellers who only sell items a few times.

“We assume there are going to be people who are selling very occasionally, like used goods or collections or whatever. But I think we’re putting [Sello] into the hands of people who are aspiring entrepreneurs.”

True? Time will tell who takes to Sello. The app has a set of tutorials available for sellers who would like to learn more, offering tips on how to best market and sell through social media.

To get started on selling on Sello, click here .