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I'd love an alternative...
Frequently I can't logon, the server takes so long to respond it times out, but shows as a logon error. I use Shaw for internet and have no issues with any slow downs during peak times, so my question, is it possible during peak times that all the bandwidth is being chewed up? I live in White Rock, BC which probably has a high rate of use, based on the demographic and I'm no different than the other subs in wanting to watch at peak times.

It's SUPER frustrating.

ON another frustration, the VOD User Interface has been the same since I remember and it's a tough trail to get to MOVIE CENTRAL that I pay an extra 5.99 a month for. NO logic at all to the page headers, and a new user would lose it trying to find their way to the movies on movie central. Why can't MC catagorize favorites and separate the CALIFORNICATION, DEXTER, ENTOURAGE basically all the HBO series mixed in with the movies.

SO..... Any alternatives that won't just cause "different" frustrations.

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