In a press release issued today, Shaw Communications said it will delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing (UBB) on its Internet Service offerings until after the company conducted a series of customer consultations.

In emails to customers over the last two months, the company has been telling customers that it would begin to apply a charge of $1 to $2 per GB for internet usage above the customers bandwidth cap.

The email also tried to get users buy additional data packs or buy more expensive internet plans in order to avoid paying the $1 to $2 per gigabyte charge.

Today Shaw said that on Monday February 14th, it will publish a series of dates and times where customers will be able to present their thoughts to the company on Internet usage and the practice of Usage Based Billing. The company did not provide any details on who would be allowed to present at the sessions, what the format the sessions would take, whether the sessions would be recorded, or whether the sessions would be made public.

Shaw, who is the largest provider of Cable internet service in the country, would only say that consultation sessions would take place in February and March in all of the regions serviced by Shaw and would be attended by "senior Shaw leaders.

Readers should note that Shaw is not cancelling UBB rather it seems they are simply trying to fine tune their offering to make it more palatable to the public and to the politicians who are turning internet pricing into the latest battle in partisan politics.

"Bandwidth is not unlimited and that is the crux of the issue. There are many potential solutions to this challenge and we're asking for our customers' help to build a solution that works for everyone." said Peter Bissonnette, President of Shaw.

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