Shaw Communications has introduced a new marketing platform and redesigned its corporate logo to reflect a more modern, accessible and friendly brand.

"In this highly competitive marketplace, brand matters, and we have created a new long-term marketing platform that further enhances our relevance to our customers and our viewers," noted Brad Shaw, CEO of Shaw Communications.

"Like our technology, you''ll find our marketing approach is fresh and innovative. Like our people, you''ll find our new approach will be friendly and engaging," Shaw emphasized.

Shaw's new branding effort will incorporate television, print, online and out of home campaigns.

Working with Vancouver-based agency Rethink, Shaw wants its customers to experience the animated world inside its cable network, also known as the "pipe." To make this more engaging, Shaw has created animated delivery robots named Bit and Bud, who will both demonstrate and deliver services to customers instantaneously through Shaw's pipe.

To get a clearer idea of the new concept, have a look:

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