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Shaw PVR expander for Motorola 3080

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hello all, i bought the expander for my motorola 3080 and have no luck getting it to work. i followed the instructions to the letter and then phoned shaw. after a hour with them on the phone they could not resolve the problem. i keep getting the message my account is not authorized for external drive. so, before the tech shows up today, i ask what would the problem might be? the csr i spoke with last night seemed unsure of himself.
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Try power cycling and if that doesn't do it then try resetting your PVR using the Shaw's new activation web site or have Shaw do it via chat.
You will likely need to have the HDTV code added to your acct in order to auth the external HD usage. Have Shaw add this code and it should get everything going and will likely prevent the SC as well.
shaw guru you were right after adding the hdtv code its worked fine. i wish the poor guy didnt have to spend 2 hours to figure it out! the motorola 3080 box seems to be a bit of a mystery to them. thanks to all for the help!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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