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Hi all,

My DCT-6412 with a Shaw Expander box was updated with new Software/Firmware last night. Everything seemed to be working last night as we were watching a recorded movie from the DVR.

Now after the upgrade I get the following message when trying to play any of my recordings:

"The external drive containing the requested recording is not connected. Please connect Drive, Drive 1, or press CANCEL"

Then there are 2 boxes to select from "CANCEL" or "HELP" and Alert12 is shown on the bottom of the diplay (Lower half of screen containing message has blue background)

If I select the help Box the following message comes up:

"External Drive Utility. Select an External Drive to delete all recordings for the selected drive. Deleted recordings will be removed from the DVR Recordings List"

On the next line it shows:
Name Serial Number Size


Drive1 WD-WS.... 1000GB

then there are 2 boxes to choose from:

"Delete" and "Exit"

and it show Alert16 at the bottom of the screen.

After being on hold for 1 1/2 hours, tech support could not help either, they just had me unplug stuff like I had already done.

They booked a service call for this Saturday, but said most likely I will lose all of my recordings, can't say I'm too happy.

Hoping to hear from others that have similar issues or even from others that have everything working OK


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