Shaw Media has partnered with Twitter Amplify becoming the first Canadian media company to do so.

Twitter Amplify, launched in late May, allows marketers to show TV clips and promote these on the social media website. Whenever the spots are aired, advertisers can monitor the response. Several US media companies already participate in the program, including A&E, Discovery,, Time Inc. and New York Magazine.

Shaw will now be providing their Canadian viewers with in-Tweet video clips to complement their broadcasts.

"Broadcasters have consistently tried to offer social TV experiences in one form or another but Twitter is really the social platform of choice when it comes to ongoing conversations about TV," said Paul Robertson, President of Shaw Media. "There's no better match for compelling, live television. Twitter is a true complement to the TV experience."

Sponsored by partners Sprint Nextel, Taco Bell and Sony Pictures, the NBA and ESPN are currently providing viewers instant replays from the 2013 NBA Finals using Twitter Amplify.

Errol Da-Ré, Sr. VP of Sales for Shaw Media adds: "We know our programming already generates thousands of Tweets every day, and we know that our advertisers are looking for an effective and simple way to reach those TV fans. This partnership allows our clients to build mass awareness and extend their brand presence across digital properties."

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