Shaw Cable, Canada's second largest cable operator, last week began rolling out two digital cable set top boxes, the Pace Whistler and the Pace Summit.

In addition, the company introduced the Shaw PVR Expander, a 1TB hard drive that can be attached to any existing Pace PVR for additional program storage. Later in October, after Shaw has rolled out firmware upgrades, the expander should also connect to most Motorola PVRs with an esata connection.

According to Digital Home's Shaw Guru ,  the Pace Whistler is a dual tuner 160GB PVR with analog tuner which will be available for rent in all markets, replacing Pace Aspen and Tahoe rentals. Whistler will also be available for purchase in all non-digital markets as the current model of PVR for sale.

The Pace Whistler will rent for $19.95 per month in all markets and sell for $498 in Shaw markets which are not yet fully digital.

The Pace Summit (Model DC758D) is a dual tuner high definition cable set top box which has a Serial ATA interface on the back panel for the connection of an external hard disk drive, thereby turning the box into a PVR. HDMI connectivity is alos included.

The Summit will be packaged with the Shaw Expander for $498. For existing Pace PVR owners, the Shaw PVR Expander will sell for $200.

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