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My Internet service has been down in Calgary since yesterday noon and according to tech support, it is problem in my area. The modem looks like it's working but I can't get an IP on my router or my laptop connected to the modem. I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing an issue. Anyone else in Calgary having an issue?

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Internet help

For the last 2 days one of my computers has NO internet.
2 are hooked up to a shaw moden and a D-Link DSS-5+ switch
One works 100 % so I assume the modem and switch are fine

I get an error of Limited internet access

I have covered most basics
1. plugged the computer straight into the modem
2. Bought a new network adapter
3. Tried in Safe Mode
4. called shaw. Very helpfull with no luck
according to shaw it is not reading the IP address.

Desktop with Windows 7

Any suggestiond before I bring it to a shop

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440gtx - When you plug in directly into the modem, make sure to power cycle the modem. Is there a reason you are using a switch instead of a router? There may be only 1 IP allocated to your account for some reason, so only 1 PC is going to be able to surf when using a switch.

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I experienced 80% plus of web sites bot connecting, yet reported them as UP.

I'm on CIA using the Shaw plant and cable modem in Calgary.
I couldn't even reach their help page, so I sent an email on the 21st.
It took over a week to get it fixed.

I work from home a lot, so this was intolerable.
I canceled today as I got TELUS Turbo a few days ago.

They first said it was only affecting certain blocks of customer when I tried to cancel last week but was weet talked into staying a while longer.

Now they tell me it was a Shaw problem.

So CIA looses a client and Shaw looses some more wholesale revenue.

It had been going down the tubes for several weeks now.
A lot of connection resets. Timeouts to web sites.
slow network as in 1-3 Mbps when subbed to a 7.5 M service.

I know it cost me a bit more moving from 7.5 to 15 and I do get most of that, with a little bundling and some minor changes, I'm actually saving money to boot.

Since It's a 30 day cancel, lookout torrents, going to suck the network dry.

I've done 200+GB, lets see if we can beat that this final month, and for 1/2 price to boot due to their lousy service outage.

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My internet went down tonight (NW Calgary). I think it was a sign. I'm about to cancel over their new 'charge for over usage' policy.

I also have Telus Turbo in the home, so it was a simple as switching an Ethernet cable. I'm on the optik waiting list, hopefully we will see that soon!
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