Shaw Communications Inc., the country’s second largest cable television provider, has announced its financial results for fiscal year ending August 31, 2009.

The company reported that, despite the worst economic recession in seventy years, revenue and operating income for the year climbed 9% in fiscal 2009. The company earned operating income of a whopping $1.54 billion on record revenues of $3.39 billion.

In the Fiscal 2009 year, cable, phone and internet revenues (Cable) came in at $2.63 billion (up 10.8% from fiscal 2008) while Shaw Direct-to-Home satellite and Satellite services (satellite) added $729.3 million in revenues (up 4.2% from a year earlier). Operating income in cable and satellite were $1.27 billion and $269.3 million respectively.

"Throughout 2009 subscriber growth was solid. Our focus on Digital deployment, combined with the consumers increased demand for HDTV, drove record Digital growth during the year." said Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chair Jim Shaw.

During the year Basic cable subscribers increased 29,467 to 2,289,900, Digital and Internet customers grew by 388,517 to 1,297,684 and 109,283 to 1,678,335, respectively, and Digital Phone lines were up 217,786 to 829,717. Shaw Direct DTH customers increased 8,413 to 900,941.

On the high definition television front, the company says it now has over 500,000 HD capable customers on cable and almost 325,000 HD customers at Shaw Direct.

The following are Shaw subscriber counts as of August 31 2009 (numbers in parenthesis are the number of subscribers at the end of the previous fiscal year - August 31, 2008 - adjusted by the Campbell River Cable system purchase).
  • Basic cable customers - 2,289,900 (2,260,433)
  • Digital customers - 1,297,684 (909,167)
  • Internet customers - 1,678,335 (1,569,052)
  • Digital phone lines - 829,717 (611,931)
  • DTH satellite customers - 900,941 (892,528)

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