Shaw Cable has announced that its Whole Home PVR solution, first introduced last month in Calgary, is now available in Edmonton.

The Shaw Gateway is a digital set top box which connects to the coaxial cable coming into your home and acts as a server or central hub to the rest of the system.

Inside the Gateway is all the processing power, hardware necessary to deliver and store high definition video signals plus a phone terminal for digital phone service, a DOCSIS 3 modem for internet service and a battery backup. Inside the Gateway is 500GB of storage and Shaw's says you'll be able to add external hard drives to the system for an additional six terabytes of storage.

Once installed, the gateway then connects and communicates to one or more diskless set top boxes, called portals, using the cable wiring in your home. The portal connects to your television in the same manner that existing cable set top boxes connect to your television and you'll need one for each television in your home.

Shaw says the Gateway can connect up to 6 TV's and can support a total of 9 High definition (HD) video streams at one time. For example, you could watch live TV on one TV, record 5 HD shows and playback 3 additional shows all at one time. Or you can record 6 HD shows and playback 3 shows at the same time.

The company also announced that several new features will be available through the Gateway in coming including: the ability to remote schedule PVR recording from an internet enable PC or smartphone; the addition of unspecified internet content; and home sharing which turns the Gateway into a media extender so you can view pictures and other media content stored on your computer on your television.

The Shaw Gateway sells for $598 with additional portals costing $178 each.

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Gateway Summary
  • Storage Capacity and Comparison: 500GB internal hard drive expandable to 6.5TB
  • Content Sharing with other devices: Yes - Summer 2011
  • Number of TV's that can be connected - 6
  • Max Number of Simultaneous Recordings - 6HD
  • Playbacks that can be watched Simultaneously - 4HD + 2SD
  • Can a program be rewound if the channel is changed and changed back again - YES
  • In Home Internet Speeds - Up to 100mbps
  • In-Home Internet speeds affected by TV use - NO
  • Will Legacy SD,HD,HDPVR boxes still work in my home - YES
  • Remote PVR Scheduling - Slated for Fall/Winter 2011
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio: YES
  • Dolby Digital 5.1: YES
  • 3D ready: YES
  • Maximum boxes per house: 1 Gateway and 6 Portals
  • Arcade Video Games: YES
  • Watch TV while surfing the guide: YES
  • Parental Controls: YES
  • Installation Charge: NO - Free on all boxes
  • Ethernet connections inactive at this time
  • Backlit streamlined remote control