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Shaw Error messages

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I was hoping someone here can help me,I am trying to access my VOD and I keep getting an error number 33417... does anyone know what this means? I have been on hold for last hour and am getting tired of
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When it happened to me it means it's time to pay the bill, thats what I noticed anyways.
Error 33417 is definitely not related to billing. It'll likely be related to a signal issue. Try powercycling the DCT and bypassing splitters (the usual stuff) and if that doesn't work, call tech support.
VOD issues are often related to lack of a return signal to the head end. Check your S/N ratio and (temporarily) remove any splitters or devices upstream of the unit, as mentioned above. See the following FAQ.
This code is specific to loading background graphics. Typically a powercycle and giving it a couple minutes would clear it.
Any chance of someone "in the know" posting a summary of Shaw error codes, VOD and others, and what they mean, possibly here or in a new sticky?

FWIW, I see VOD error 33308 in one location and, as 57 suggests, I believe it to be a reverse signal level problem, which I will, eventually, check out.
33308 means that on startup your system was not interactive due to an IP communication error.

You'll definitely want to get your signal checked if this is an ongoing issue. I also suggest bypassing any power bars if your dct is connected to one (only the dct needs to be bypassed). So many gremlins are spawned from power bars.

As for a list of codes, we don't have anything available to just list for you (we search a database). If your dct is throwing a code best thing to do is just post here and I can find out for you.

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My latest 33308 problem has just resolved itself, again. I get them periodically when one of my DCTs/PVRs is positioned downstream from an amp, a number of splitters and an amplified RF selector switch (4 in, 3 out with poor return path). Usually one of the switch's three outputs has a bit of trouble with VOD, i.e., the 33308 error or with a reinitialization. Rebooting or Guide population is not a problem.. Today all three outputs are working just fine. It's not a big problem since I rarely use VOD from the one location that most frequently esperiences problems.

Thanks for offering to help interpret furture errors. Much appreciated.
VOD Error Code

I am trying to access Shaw VOD and I am receiving error code 22479. Does anyone know what this means???
Shaw's equipment is having an issue recognizing that Digital terminal for some reason. You may need to contact the office to have this corrected.
If it is a DCT 2000 (one of the very large old black standard definition ones) VOD no longer works on those models as of Aug 31st. Customer should have all received letters advising of this and options as well.
Shaw Error Message

Im receiving error message 33330 when I try and use my VOD. Any idea what thats about and how to fix it?
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