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Of the following channels, tell me which you get and which you don't....


Did you rotate the dish at all, in any direction, when you put the new LNB on?

Which channel are you getting the 92 signal strength on?

Was the old LNB working properly before you made the change-out?

Is the new LNB for the same type of dish as the old LNB, i.e. are they BOTH labelled "use for 60e" or "use for 75e"?

Were they BOTH quad-type LNB's or was the older one an "old-style" LNB that looked like 2 tin cans?

If you're using a current model receiver, and you go Options 6-4-7, what is the 7-digit number you see on Line F? (Format: xxx-xxxx)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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