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Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 Owners Discussion Thread

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This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 when it becomes available on September 1st.

Please post your thoughts and your feedback on this unit once you have it up and running.

For non-owners, you can ask questions about the unit in our New 630 In Pre Order

Edit by 57: Here's a thread summarizing problems, issues, resolutions, workarounds:

Shaw Direct 630 Official Problems / Issues / Resolutions Thread. Read posts 1, 2 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums
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Was a drive format performed when the factory reset was done? If not, preform a PVR flush. If that doesn't help, do another factory reset with a drive format.
I've had this happen as well. The unit had perfect signal strengths but returned to that state after a front panel reset. It appears to be yet another bug, and a serious one, with 8.26. The solution that worked was unplugging the unit for an extended period of time, such as one or more hours. Swapping the antenna cables may also help.

Interestingly, this happened while talking to a CSR. The reset was her idea. After the 630 bricked, she didn't know what to do and wanted to book a service call for the "lost" signal. 8.26 must be costing Shaw a fortune in support costs.
It does sound as if the dish is out of alignment for one of the satellites. Not sure what you mean by refreshing. If it's restarting, that can be caused by low or lost signals, especially with HD channels. I would get the dish realigned as suggested by Shaw.
The 630 becomes unstable with a low signal or after a lost signal. Restarts and lockups are fairly common. A soft restart usually fixes the problem but low signal issues must be addressed first.
Same thing happened to me. Had to call Shaw for a rehit and to get it set up properly. Forget what he had me do but it involved some hidden menus and very obscure button presses. I should have taken notes.
That's what I thought as well. The web site rehit didn't work after the factory reset. I think the reset messed up more than could be fixed with a simple rehit.
It could be due to corrupted settings or hard drive data. I would perform a factory reset with drive format before sending it back. You might want to call Shaw to do that.
Try this,
  1. On one receiver, remove the UHF antenna. Replace its remote with an IR only model. That could be a compatible, IR only SD remote (not sure if one is available) or a universal learning remote such as a Harmony.
  2. On the other receiver, put a strip of black electrical tape over the IR transmitter on the remote.
Now, one receiver will work with IR only and the other will work with RF only. Problem solved.
Other people have had similar issues. Try unplugging it overnight. If the settings menu cannot be accessed, the only recourse is to call Shaw for a replacement. I think it's a bug in the new firmware but don't know for sure.
It's on the side of the house mounted on a solid surface. Had a dish on the roof once and would never do it again. Best place is just out of reach where it's easily accessible with a step ladder and broom (to sweep of any snow.)
A 75 ohm terminator might work better. They are available from electronics stores that sell RG6 related components.
I think it's mostly firmware. The series of issues, including current ones, are very similar to the issues customers experienced with Bell 9200s and 9242s when they were first released. The firmware is still under development. New features, like the external drive, add new bugs and they are not done yet. Bell's PVRs got quite reliable a couple of years after they stopped adding new features.

As far as the hardware is concerned, the 630 is no worse than any other proprietary BDU hardware out there. If anything, it should be better because it's a generation or two newer than the competition is using. These things are programmed at a fairly low level and it can take some time to shake the bugs out of the custom firmware and the operating system (usually a port of embedded Linux) that it's running on. A bug in a driver at the O/S level can be difficult and time consuming to fix. Good talent that can do that type of programming is difficult to find. You would think that Motorola would have the the people but the company has been going downhill for some time and the most talented people are usually the first to leave.
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it appears from traffic on other sites that Shaw is coding in house.
That pretty much tells me everything I need to know about why the firmware is so bad. Shaw is not known for it's technical accomplishments. It's more of an, "Us too, just give us a few years to catch up while we pad our executive bonuses" type of company.
That's just it. The 630 works fine until it has to record anything or play it back. Now that all the major shows are returning for the Winter season, it's starting to show it's true stripes, the big white one down the middle.
Create two timers, one for the HD channel and one for the SD channel. Then make sure the HD event has higher priority. As for the 630 doing this automatically, just remember that Shaw is doing the programming. Even if they tried, it probably wouldn't work right and it would create a bunch of new bugs. The menu layout and functionality is so ghastly as is, it requires a complete rewrite by a real software company.
Nothing here yet so receivers are being targeted gradually. Hopefully, it's a bug fix only release. Are there any "must have" new features? I just want recording and playback to work correctly.
It could be an LNB or cabling issue. Unplug the receiver, swap the two coax lines and see what happens.
Unplugging resets the receiver. It also removes possibility of damage due to the voltage on the lines that powers the LNBs. Satellite receivers should always be unplugged when making changes to the RG6 connections or downline components. That goes for power inserters as well.
If you swapped cables and the problem switched to the other tuner, that indicates that the problem is in the LNB or one of the lines. It's now time to switch the lines at the LNB (or the switch if there is one.) Inspect the connector for corrosion or moisture entry when swapping outdoor connections.
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