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Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 Owners Discussion Thread

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This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 when it becomes available on September 1st.

Please post your thoughts and your feedback on this unit once you have it up and running.

For non-owners, you can ask questions about the unit in our New 630 In Pre Order

Edit by 57: Here's a thread summarizing problems, issues, resolutions, workarounds:

Shaw Direct 630 Official Problems / Issues / Resolutions Thread. Read posts 1, 2 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums
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So I did the 4977 2 download.

1. How do I force it to go to .13? It's still at .10 .

It seems to be operating OK but perhaps some pixilation.

2. Sound to AVR but not to TV??
Did that, got that....Still .10 with target .13 and "download" now greyed out.
Success! Got frustrated so the download button appeared again. I downloaded, factory reset, refreshed receivers, waited awhile and .13 appeared!
This got rid of invalid sort sequences and other buggy stuff. Faster response, options are what they should be, lists sorted correctly. Looks like another of us good to go.
Have to get used to the displays. Why have text menus for the main settings etc then option 8 displays graphics which then take you to text menus? Oh well it works. Programmed the Harmony 880 so that up arrow is "8" and down arrow is "goback" and easy button navigating now.
The guide is still only displaying 6 HD channels for me (I should have all from about channel 258 to 300). For example it's only displaying Sportsnet channel 260 for me where I should be getting them all (261, 262, 263). When I try to type in one of those channels nothing happens. If you read my previous post I tried all the resets etc. Anybody have any ideas?
Same thing for me at first. They activated you with a non-elliptical dish so you get one bird only. You need to call and get a knowledgeable CSR like I did who said "The lady didn't know what she is doing".
BTW the 2nd call ended in the female rep hanging up on me(I wasn't entitled to any more HD as far as she was concerned :) ). So it took 3 calls to activate correctly.
My comments regarding recording. It is dangerous!

The programming is not "real-time". Things need to be saved before they are updated.

Recordings are in priority and no warning is given if you set up 3 at the same date and time. This may not be a problem you think, but what if the schedule is changed by a network/channel? You could have a low priority program no longer record because it got moved on the schedule and being the low priority it is ignored. The only warning I could see is a record button and a "pause" on it in the Guide. I don't see how you can surf the whole guide looking for a reord superimposed with a pause to tell you a program won't be recording. I could set a movie to record and wipe out one or two recurring programs and not realize it.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

A lot of features are terrific(new episodes, 14 days, etc.) but not getting an in your face warning that a recording won't occur.....:eek::rolleyes:
Hi gzink,

The "Recording Conflict" symbol will appear in the Guide and Upcoming Air Dates menu for conflicted recordings - the record symbol plus an "!" over it. (I can see how it might look like a pause sign, too!)

If you're concerned about Recording Conflicts, both the PVR Options or PVR Upcoming menus can be used to verify upcoming scheduled recordings. If you see that the next scheduled recording for Entourage is next Sunday when it should be recording this Sunday, you know some adjustment needs to be made.

I should point out that by using the "Channels" selection to customize your Recording Events, conflicts can be greatly minimized. I'll use an example:
- Entourage airs at 10:30pm ET on HBO East HD. If you setup a Recording Event for New Episodes of Entourage on "HBO East HD only", the HDPVR can only ever record on this channel. In the event of a conflict (e.g. two higher priority recording events), Entourage will not be recorded.

- If you setup the Recording Event to record New Episodes of Entourage on "HD only", the HDPVR will automatically reschedule Entourage for 12:30am ET on HBO West HD in the event of a conflict. That way, everything gets recorded!

Priority should also be tweaked to reflect the relative importance of each Recording Event - if you always want Entourage to be recorded, keep it near the top of the list.

Finally, when scheduling one-time recordings, don't forget about the "View upcoming air dates" menu option. If that 8:00pm airing of The Pink Panther 2 is going to interfere with primetime recordings, use "View upcoming air dates" to see when else its on and schedule the recording for a different time.

While the new behaviour is a shift from the way the HDPVR 530 works, give it a try. In my experience, I don't think we've ever had an unresolved recording conflict in my house!
TheSphinx You understand perfectly!

630 Support Thanks for your reply.

I have tweaked priority so we will probably succeed in getting the most important programs. A second exchange 630 for a 530 would have helped! No such luck with CR.

I avoid HDwest channels, at least some networks because for at least a year if not years there have been "glitches"(little skips of frames on the west(even though I am in the west) and analogue would be better than that digital annoyance. It hasn't changed with the new PVR and Sd has done nothing about those complaints (in explanation, aiming tuning, tweaking, etc. etc. etc. has been done, to no avail)
So I pick East HD channels whenever possible. I will look at the HD only choice.

I am a retired systems analyst and consultant and absolutes are all that count with me. Programming where I have to review lists is honestly ridiculous when the data is there.

If I were developing financial systems and missing the odd cheque or deposit I would have been rich by now. Same programming concept.
When you look at the options list and there is a conflict, it is missing, as you stated, so I get to keep my printed spreadsheet and have to eyeball things(my wife does anyway). I don't think she should have to do that job! The 530 was annoying when pointing out a conflict but it was 100% accurate.
Anyway, enough on that, except it is a major down regarding an otherwise fairly impressive system. It looks like "good enough!" is still alive and well in some programming circles. I have a niece that could help you out.

Point number 2 regarding your solution..I cannot trust your schedule, as yet, so we are recording "all episodes" on a channel to be as sure as possible. (As you get older, some of the "old" episodes are new anyway! Get my drift? :) )
Thanks again for the efforts.
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Did the trade. Asked for PPV credits and got them. May have been because it took 3 calls to get the right code for my elliptical dish and the proper programming. Two CSR's were a little lacking in their abilities. The 3rd was great!
Remote is the same. With the 880 I added a goback and 8 for interactive. I will probably change the 8 on the^ key to "a" for interactive and get there direct. Anyway, pretty well identical to the 530 commands.
Thanks SD 630 Support.

Is the PPV set up the same? do I still need to call in to activate instant PPV on the 630, or is it set up out of the box?
Telephone number was not filled in on mine and I had to activate PPV by calling in.
That has been my major concern. If the guide is inaccurate then with the new process we get terrible results. Based on previous guide info over the years I think "all" on a channel is the only option that will be good at this time.
I have the 2nd 630 now so am "sharing" the load. Perhaps going from 50 items down to 30 on one might make a difference and alleviate some problems we have had. Global HD is glitching like crazy but that's probably just Global. :)
Hi everyone,

I just received my HDPVR 630 this week and have been extremely happy with it other than the fact my Insignia (Best Buy) AV Tuner drops the sound completely when either switching channels (most of the time but not all) or when I do any fast forward/reverse in PVR mode. When this happens, I must cycle through the Insignia's audio inputs until I hit back Video 1 Optical input at which point audio comes back.

This is a pain and I wondered if there isn't a setting on the 630 that will prevent this.

Other than that, great PVR!!!


I have an Insignia 5101? and no such problem here. I do not have the setting at PCM. I have it set a digital or whatever it should be(not looking at settings right now).
Just to clarify. You are using the 630 remote instructions when trying to control volume?? It is the remote, not the 630 unit that will control volume(as stated). The new remote programming is different than the old.
Beginning to get cautiously optimistic about these. After sharing a schedule with two 630's they seem not bad.

Aside from stopping playing back sometimes, in the middle. Also protect doesn't protect. Also when done playing you are on the wrong line often so might delete the wrong recording, etc., etc.

They do seem to be doing the job for us with bugs to be resolved!
Skeered off! :)

Actually just saw the non-owners thread and that's where "support" went to indicate that changing to PCM solved some problems(without also indicating that 5.1 is lost as a result??)

Perhaps support will come back some time.
Got my first bill since the 630.

It included the line about the $111 for the receiver as a past payment.

It also included a line for $13.99 for shipment of the receiver (this was not part of my deal), and $5.99 for "Multi Receiver Warranty", something I have no clue about.

I called up to complain about these unauthorized charges and had them removed.
5.99 guarantees a free replacement of any receiver or pvr that you have a problem on. It is worth the charge, in my experience.
What is the point of posting in all the threads? One person speaks and it is gospel to be spread throughout the net??!!:confused::eek:
Please in one thread is enough.
I'm not sure how it takes 7 clicks to view upcoming recordings. I know there is a key on the remote that takes you to the pvr menu graphic, then move right, click and you should be in upcoming. I'm not home right now but even with my 88-0 remote I hit menu, up arrow, right arrow and click on the icon, so it shold be 4 clicks for me if i remember right.
Can't you do menu-8 and then move to the right and click and get to upcoming??
No> If charged get your credit back and record it again(oops... for the first time).
Do not believe any CSR over the phone, ever. They know what they are talking about approx 30% of the time(I don't just mean Shaw Direct) and make up stories about 30% of the time, IMHO!
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