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Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 Owners Discussion Thread

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This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 when it becomes available on September 1st.

Please post your thoughts and your feedback on this unit once you have it up and running.

For non-owners, you can ask questions about the unit in our New 630 In Pre Order

Edit by 57: Here's a thread summarizing problems, issues, resolutions, workarounds:

Shaw Direct 630 Official Problems / Issues / Resolutions Thread. Read posts 1, 2 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums
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Did you actually disconnect the power, or just reset via the button? While the button reset works most of the time, sometimes I've had to completely disconnect the power, wait a moment, then reconnect.
I seem to have stumbled across a significant bug that'll bite a bunch of people if true. Here's how you may be able to reproduce easily:

- Have a series recording set up for all new episodes of something.
- Wait until it records an episode. Let's say that for whatever reason that recording is no good (guide wrong, previous show ran over, breaking news, etc). In my case, the recording was corrupted (list had bogus date & zero minutes).
- No problem, go into your recording options for that series, list upcoming episodes, pick one in the future and choose "Record this episode". The scheduling bar comes up and that showing turns grey to indicate it's going to record (bad color choices, but I digress).
- Back out and go to the "Upcoming Recordings" list. Yep, there it is. So far, so good. But wait a minute.
- The scheduling bar comes up *again*, and the newly selected episode vanishes from the upcoming list. Poof.

I tried going into the DVR options and setting the value for history to 1 day (can't select zero days). That didn't help.

It *appears* as though the problem is specific to viewing the upcoming recordings list. I went into the guide and found the time/channel of the desired upcoming recording, and scheduled it from there. But I *haven't* gone back into the recordings list and so far when I look at the guide that block is still grey.

I'm going to try again with a different recording later, and if I can reproduce I'll have to figure out how to report this.
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SSDs are funny beasts. Yes, they do indeed have a limited number of cycles. In fact it's the number of write cycles that's a concern. And when they fail, it's usually with minimal warning and almost always catastrophic. Having gone through it, I can tell you it's sometimes not even obvious you're having a drive failure immediately, since in many cases it'll reveal itself as program crashes at unexpected times.
I always tell people using SSDs on their PCs to make sure they have a *really* good backup process in place. I do a daily full image, and a daily file-based, two separate backup drives (non-SSD). When people ask me what to set up as a backup plan, my question in response is "how many days of recent stuff can you afford to lose?". In my case, less than one, so I have backups of my backups.

In a PVR situation, if you used an SSD and it started to fail, what you'd probably see is you could watch old recordings with no apparent problems, but new recordings would either fail, or *appear* to work but be unwatchable, and the "live-buffering" would just act weird.

As I said, I learned all this the hard way (though I had multiple image backups, so it was more a "lesson" for me than a "disaster"). If you have no backup strategy, or are depending on RAID, you may be in for some nastiness in your future. :)
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Very easily. Likely not the cable per se, but the process of putting on one of the connectors wasn't done quite right, and not tested by the tech. Most likely the new tech will snip one or both connector ends and re-do.
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If you disconnect the PVR from the dish, you can still watch the recordings. When we had our house fire, one of the things I rescued was the primary 630. Our rental had Bell Fibe, but I connected the 630 to the new TV and watched most of the recordings over the next year. And when we moved back and got Shaw reconnected, I re-connected the old 630 and it carried on as though nothing had happened, with recordings (and, more importantly, all the scheduling) intact.

Now, what happens if you re-attach the PVR to a whole new account is less clear. I'd expect the recordings to be there unless a factory reset was done as part of the reconnection.
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Curiously, our 630 (purchased new way back) is also having random reboots just recently. So far seems to be when playing back previous recordings.
I have two 830s that I could rotate in, but the 630 is the one with all the scheduled recordings, and manually having to regenerate all those is a pain, so I'm avoiding that.
Last time I tried a backup/restore of the settings to a USB drive, it did not include any recording settings. It only included the "user settings".
And I have no reason to believe that a backup from a 630 will be readable on an 830.

But I totally agree on existing recordings. I don't use an external drive myself, so I'm doubly-boned if my 630 dies. :-(
Bell satellite uses a hard drive as well. And would suffer the same loss of recordings in the event of a failure.

For me, it's not something I lose sleep over, because these days pretty much anything I care deeply about will be on some sort of streaming service sooner or later (Crave, Netflix, etc), and for everything else, either roll back again on repeats or I just choose not to care.
I’m contemplating on buying a 630 that hasn’t been used and wondering if I should buy an external hard drive, or attempt to change out the internal hard drive with a larger one...
I was just reading the threads on HD replacement in the 630 today, because mine is showing signs of impending demise. I was left with the thought that by the time I buy a drive and external eSata housing, and maybe one of the funky screwdrivers, I might be close to the warranty replacement or refurb cost from SD. I plan on pinging them next week to get a replacement cost for a refurb or even an 830 upgrade before deciding how to proceed.
If you're getting this used 630 for nearly-free (like, $20), it may be worth it for you. And if by "hasn't been used" you mean packed in a box, then you're not in a rush to do anything.
i can imagine most 630s are somewhat close to obsolete - perhaps Shaw will be bringing out a newer receiver shortly... Amy speculation on that?
Yeah, the 830, several years ago. We're not seeing any investment in the satellite TV biz since then. I seriously doubt we'll see anything new in our lifetimes (or satellite TV's lifetime, whichever comes first).
My last 630 (owned) is finally circling the drain. It's a secondary (bedroom) unit, and the hard drive has been showing signs of failure for a year (mostly hanging/crashing during playback). After a couple of power dips due to thunderstorms recently, it's now saying it doesn't even detect a hard drive, nor a second tuner (which I assume is a direct correlation).

Any tips on how best to get SD to replace it (refurb is fine) at lowest cost? Should I go ahead and try to connect through to Retentions (does that even exist anymore?) or just the usual tech support route. Anyone done this recently and know the replacement cost?

I have two 830s which are doing fine, so I may just swap this out with a non-PVR.
Replacement should be free. You just pay shipping. We all pay an extra 5 dollars for receiver insurance,
You're right. $13.99 shipping. Took an hour of "troubleshooting" though. I'd hoped that reporting the error message that said the hard drive wasn't detected would speed that up, but Nooooo. All's well though. ;-)
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When your DSR630 is replaced with an 800 series unit, will you still be able to use the 630 as a strictly playback unit? I’d like to fill it with concert/music videos and scenic things, fireplace footage, etc., and just have it as a go-to source for playback only. Any reason why Shaw would could make that impossible?
Disconnect it from the satellite, and it should work fine as a playback box. When we were out of our house post-fire for a year, we rescued one of the 630s and ran it disconnected to watch all the old recordings, and it worked just fine. Disconnecting from the satellite means there's no way for SD to send a Kill Code (if they even wanted to).
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