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Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 Owners Discussion Thread

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This discussion thread is for owners to discuss the new Shaw Direct HDPVR 630 when it becomes available on September 1st.

Please post your thoughts and your feedback on this unit once you have it up and running.

For non-owners, you can ask questions about the unit in our New 630 In Pre Order

Edit by 57: Here's a thread summarizing problems, issues, resolutions, workarounds:

Shaw Direct 630 Official Problems / Issues / Resolutions Thread. Read posts 1, 2 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums
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The 800 series thread has more info:
Just received my 830 today. First and most obvious observation is that the processor is way faster than the 630. Configuring a new recording updates the system almost instantly, compared to the ~10 or more second reconfig on the 630. Basic functionality essentially resembles the 630, not much difference that I can see...
I'm not familiar with Shaw Direct receivers, but that looks like a standard bootup process: Start, Run0, Hold, Channel 298. Try pressing the channel up/down buttons on the remote to see if the number changes.
If the "298" on the display is a channel number, pressing the channel up on the remote will change the channel number of the front panel display, even if your TV isn't showing anything.

Then you can ignore the messages on the front panel display and concentrate on why the picture isn't showing.

If you want help with that, we would need more info on how your 630 is connected. Did it work before? Did anything change?
Things are starting to make more sense.

Based on my limited knowledge of Shaw Direct, your 630 seems to be responding correctly. The default channel is 299 and you should have been able to see an image even if you were unsubscribed. You didn't say how your 630 is connected, but you previously mentioned a scaler. I suggest double-checking your connections and if you still don't get a picture, connect your 630 directly to a TV with a known working cable.

The 630 responded to a channel down and changed from 299 to 298. I don't think 298 is a valid channel, so there is probably some sort of error message on the screen which is stopping any further channel up/down functions from working.
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I believe I purchased this PVR from an outside source (Best Buy I believe, about 12 years ago), so I am guessing Shaw won't want to replace it.
Best Buy and similar stores were considered authorized retailers, so it shouldn't matter.

I believe Shaw only provides the receiver replacement service if the multiple receiver fee is applied. People with one receiver must pay extra for ongoing warranty replacement.
Shaw Direct includes the warranty in the cost of the package going back to 2017. The fee would only be charged on the CRTC-mandated $25 package (Limited TV) or possibly on really old grandfathered packages.
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I don't see a receiver purchase option for new customers so that makes the MRF and the warranty it includes a moot point. The full rental prices amount to the former cost of the receivers after about 18-24 months. New customers are eligible for a rental credit which expires after about the same amount of time.
Shaw Direct was still offering a free PVR and HD receiver to new customers about a year ago, so the warranty would still apply to those units, but it looks like they only offer rentals now.
My 630 is not showing any information at all on the Stingray Music Channels ( channels 901 to 942); I'm just getting a black screen.
Have to tried a reboot?
Not being a satellite expert, I only question their "choice" to go with xKu signals. I find it hard to believe that with the myriad birds in the air there were none with Ku space available similar to what F1 and F2 were using with their coverage footprint.
We're getting way off topic for this thread. This has been discussed before, including in Shaw Direct In Areas South of Canada (Mexico, US, etc)...
A few years ago, I read the Telesat submission for permission to launch G1. The only way they could launch it is if it didn't interfere with any other users of that frequency. There were a couple of minor uses in Canada, which they were able to relocate or discontinue, and there were none in the northern U.S. However, there were several sites in the southern U.S. Telesat's licence stipulates that they cannot interfere with those sites, therefore those xKU transponders that Shaw Direct uses are aimed at Canada, with some overlap into the northern U.S.
All the existing satellites were fully allocated and there were no frequencies available for Ku band, which is why Telesat had to go through all those gyrations to use xKu.
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I tired the 'Options - Manually change Channel Map' trick, but that pulled up two even weirder maps.
I think you should use 4378 if you have an xKu LNB and want the new channel numbers. See this thread to refresh your memory: V-Code List
Service providers frequently stop activating used receivers that have reached end-of-life, so it may already be too late. Anybody that has 6xx boxes that haven't been added to their account shouldn't waste any time.
I wonder if those of us that are on this Forum ( a small percentage of the SD customer base, I'm sure) should take it upon ourselves to call, or message, Shaw ourselves and ask if we can get our 6XX's replaced with 8XX's? Has anyone here tried that or would it be a waste of our time and tie up Shaw's communication lines?
I think they already have a plan to distribute the 800 series. It could be based on the first group of channels that will be converted, especially if they can use some of the F2 transponders while the orbit is degrading.
...upgrades are to be spread out, with certain customers being targeted based on several factors. Given it's quite targeted based on customer, no website page has been made live at this time.
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Dr. Dave what do you mean based on channels? Doesn't everybody get the same channels? Do you mean ppl who subscribe to channel pkgs that are going to G1 sooner?
They might migrate lesser-used channels first, like French channels or premium channels like Crave. Then they just have to make sure those subscribers have the 800 series receivers.
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I wonder what bell tv is going to do Nimiq 4 also approaching end of live ??
Bell is dropping duplicate Standard Def channels, which Shaw did when F1R reached end of life - Bell offer to swap out old SD for HD receivers

Bell has 32 transponders per satellite, compared to 16 on G1 for Shaw, so they may be able to get away without too much extra compression.
My 630 woke up dead dead dead this morning. No display, nuttin'. I assume this isn't the normal mode for obsoleting 6XX receivers??
That sounds like a hardware failure, assuming the box is still receiving power. The display should still come on if the receiver is removed from your account.
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