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Since the CRTC has approved Shaw's take over of Canwest, I thought it would be interesting to see how this will effect category 2 digital channels on Shaw Direct.

For those that are not aware, at the present time BDUs are required to carry 5 competing category 2 digital channels for every category 2 digital channel where there is partial or full ownership.

Category 2 digital channels owned by Shaw

Fox Sports World (Canwest)
Teletoon Retro (Corus)
Nickelodeon (Corus)
National Geographic (Canwest)
DIY Network (Canwest)
Cosmo TV (Corus)
MovieTime (Canwest)
Showcase Diva (Canwest)
IFC (Canwest)
BBC Canada (Canwest)
W Movies (Corus)
Sundance Channel (Corus)
Action (Canwest)
DejaView (Canwest)
DUSK (Corus)

Category 2 digital channels NOT owned by Shaw

Grace TV
Rogers Sportsnet One
ESPN Classic
NHL Network
Gol TV
The Fight Network
NBA TV Canada
Wild TV
Game TV
Setanta Sports
Animal Planet
Discovery Science
Oasis HD
Silver Screen Classics (Coming Soon)
Aux TV (Coming Soon)
Bite (Coming Soon)
The Pet Network (Coming Soon)
Leafs TV
Prise 2
Les idées de ma maison
Hustler TV
Red Hot TV
Penthouse TV

Currently Shaw Direct is carrying 15 of the category 2 digital channels that are owned by their parent company. This means that they would need to carry 75 competing services to satisfy current CRTC rules. Currently they are only carrying 25 category 2 digital channels.

Starting August 31, 2011, this rule will go from 5:1, to 3:1. This means the amount of required channels will be reduced to 45. Even with the new rule, Shaw still needs 20 more category 2 digital channels to satisfy this rule.

Any guess on what they will do? Either add more category 2 channels or eliminate some? Perhaps even sell of some of the assets?

Here is a list of some of the category 2 channels they could add

Treasure HD
Comedy Gold
Investigation Discovery
Salt and Light

It will be interesting to see what Shaw Direct plans to do in the coming months.

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As per the CRTC decision, the rule is changed to 3:1

Shaw Direct cannot comply until G1 is operational - realistically 1st quarter 2013. Until then no additional Shaw owned Cat 2 channels will be added.

Now we all know how technically incompetent the CRTC is as 24 Cat 2 SD channels could have been added on 1 transponder running MPEG4 8PSK

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From your list,

Shaw Cable carries Salt + Light Television & recently added Movieola so I think those are two that will show up on Shaw Direct at some point as well.

I think the rule should be 2:1, there are not enough channels to satisfy this requirement. They either have to drop some of the channels they own or add every single Cat. 2 channel that exists just to satisfy this requirement. By adding so many channels, all you are doing is increasing the costs for the BDU, which will result in price increases for subscribers.

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I don't think they should lower the ratio to 2:1. 3:1 will ensure that Shaw can't swallow up anymore specialty channels without adding more competing channels. It will also prevent Bell from getting too big too. That's the reason for this rule in the first place. It's one of the few pro consumer regulations the CRTC has. We already have too much concentration of media as it is.

Movieola will likely come at some point but I have been told that this channel is NOT coming in November.
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