Shaw Media has announced it has begun deployment of Dalet's Media Asset Management (MAM) to help control production, playout, and the distribution system at its Toronto facility.

There are numerous tasks in the production process including editing, promo creation, captioning, version management, broadcast, archiving, and delivery to VOD, web, and other platforms. The Dalet MAM helps Shaw's employees manage and track assets and work processes across systems, making them easily searchable and flexible to work with.

Shawn Kelly, Shaw Media’s Senior Director of Media Operations explains the process: "With cross-system management and flexible metadata schemes for handling all types of assets, the Dalet Enterprise Edition acts as our 'super glue’ and overall workflow engine. It ties together all the diverse systems while respecting our preferred ways of working."

Kelly added that Dalet’s enterprise-wide approach would help Shaw to expand and adopt new technologies, systems and software in the future, when required.

Dalet systems are used worldwide by hundreds of TV and Radio content producers, including BBC, CBC, France TV, Russia Today, FOX, Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros. and Sirius XM Radio.