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Shaw has introduced the Motorola DCT6412. I thought we could use a thread specifically about this model, and I'm starting it off with some links and information that I have gathered recently.

The 6412 is the latest High Definition (HD) Digital Video Recorder (DVR) model in the Motorola 6xxx series of Digital Cable Terminal (DCT).

Main Features:
- Two tuners (vs. single tuner in 6208)
- 120 GB harddrive storage (vs. 80 GB in 6208)
- $748.88 (Shaw's list price, before any credits)

Shaw uses i-Guide software on their DCT boxes, which does support both tuners in the 6412 (as first demonstrated by Comcast in the USA).

Although there has been some discussion about the 6412 in the Cogeco forum, they are using the older Blue Guide software which does not support both of the tuners, and there are other software differences.

Here are some links with 6412 related information...

Shaw Info
HD+PVR Digital Terminal
Shaw HD+PVR User Guide (PDF, 0.5 MB)

Motorola Info
Product Features
Multimedia Demo
FAQs (6412 section)
DCT6400 Series User Guide (PDF, 1.5 MB)
DCT6400 Series Technical Guide / Installation Manual (PDF 1 MB)

TV Guide i-Guide (USA version of i-Guide)
TV Guide 6412 DVR Manual (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Prevue i-Guide (Canadian version of i-Guide)

Comcast related info
Comcast 6412 DVR Manual (PDF, 3.8 MB)
Shaw's implementation should be quite similar to Comcast's rollout of the 6412 in the USA since both are using i-Guide software. I'm adding links to some Comcast-related information since we may learn from their experiences.
(Note: Comcast is testing the Microsoft Guide in the Washington State area, so those experiences will not apply.)

Remote Control
Atlas DVR/PVR by Universal Electronics (5 devices)
Support Site
Programming tips

Unofficial FAQ for Motorola HD DCTs (6412 section)

More to come...
(Shawguy, please feel free to edit to add more reference materials, FAQs etc)

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Great info Technut. Thank you.

I'm going to try and I stress try...., to hold off on this unit so I don't get hit with the debut price. As with the other previous terminals if you wait a bit you get a better price. Only trouble is the waiting! hahah.

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DCT6412 pricing

Prices for the Motorola DCT6412 from Canadian cable providers:

Access : $750 to buy, $16/month to rent
Cogeco : $800 to buy, $20/month to rent
Shaw : $750 to buy, no rental option

Note: Cogeco and Access currently have only one of the two tuners enabled.

And for comparison purposes, here are recent DCT6208 prices:

Aurora : no option to buy, $20/month to rent
Cogeco : $699 to buy, $20/month to rent
EastLink : no option to buy, $15/month to rent
Mountain : $700 to buy, no rental option
Rogers : $700 to buy, $20/month to rent
Shaw : $500 to buy, no rental option

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I also would like to say great info technut thanks I,m from Regina and subscribe to Access cable and I'am looking forward to getting the Iguide here instead of using the blue like we are now. So this is a chance to see what we are going to be getting. I,ve also been watching the comcast iguide forum on avs and learning alot about it there, the ups and downs as such. The 6412 that I have also runs very quietly can bearly even hear it.

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Dual Tuner advantages

From the TV Guide 6412 DVR Manual (PDF, 2.4 MB), some of the advantages of two tuners:

SWAP Between Two Programs
Because your DVR has two tuners, it can buffer two programs at the same time – one on each tuner. The SWAP feature lets you toggle back and forth between the two live shows while giving you full control of both.
While you are tuned to a program, press the SWAP button on your remote.
• You will change tuners. Now you can select an alternate program by changing channels or using the Guide.
• Press SWAP again to toggle between the two programs.
Note: The SWAP button is the key to keeping the buffer for both programs. If you change channels without using the SWAP key, you will lose the buffer.
Record Two Programs at Once
The Dual Tuner DVR allows you to set recordings for two different programs that air at the same time. While recording two programs, you can watch and control either program up to the point of live TV by using the SWAP button on your remote. There are several ways to record two programs at once.
Here are two basic examples:

While Watching a Show:
• Press Record to record the program you are watching.
• Press SWAP to switch to the other tuner and find the second program you want to record.
• Press Record when you locate the second program you want to record.

From the Guide:
• Highlight a program you want to record from any listings screen.
• Press Record to set up the first recording
• Highlight the second program.
• Press Record to set up the second recording.
Your DVR has two tuners so that you can, 1) record two channels at the same time, 2) record one and watch the other or 3) record two channels and watch a 3rd program from your DVR recordings library.

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Recording a Series

From the TV Guide 6412 DVR Manual (PDF, 2.4 MB), an i-Guide feature for recording a Series of shows:

Record a Series
Your Dual Tuner DVR lets you record multiple episodes of a program
according to your preferences. You can set the DVR to record only
new (first run) episodes, first run episodes and repeats or all
When you set a recording from a Series Program Information screen,
you’ll have an additional icon on the preceding Recordings Overlay.
Choose this Create a Series Recording Icon to specify your series
recording options.
• Select the episode type to record, such as first run only, first run
and repeats or all episodes.
• Specify how many recording to save.
• Specify how long to save the recording – until you erase it or
until space is needed.
• To access advanced series setup features like add minutes to the
start and end times and specify which channels to record, select
the Setup Icon to review all options.
Your series recordings’ will appear in your My Recordings list with
the show title as its label. Multiple recordings of the same show will
have the same label and will be listed beginning with the most
recent recordings first as default.To change your view, use the (arrow
left/right) buttons on your remote to View by Date,View by Channel
or View by Title.

Managing Scheduling Conflicts
If you schedule more than two recordings for the same time, you
will see a Scheduling Conflict screen that allows you to choose
between a previously set recording and the new recording that
is conflicting. Individual recordings always take priority over
series recordings when there are scheduling conflicts.
In case of a scheduling conflict between two series programs,
additional icons will appear at the bottom of the Scheduling
Conflict screen to help you determine which program to record.
- Return to the previous screen.
- Record highlighted series as shown above.
- Show conflicts when the new series is a high priority.
- Show conflicts when the new series is a low priority.
- Don’t record this series.
• To give your new recording the highest scheduling priority and
to capture the most number of episodes for your new recording,
select High. The screen will show you how many episodes of the
new series will be recorded and which episodes of the old series
will not be recorded because of the conflict.
• To move the new series back to the bottom of the scheduling
priority list, select Low and the screen will refresh and give you
revised results.
• Select the Record Icon to confirm your new settings.
You may also modify the priority assigned to a series using the Series Priority List.

Modify the Series Priority List
To help you manage which series get recorded when there are
scheduling conflicts, your DVR automatically creates a Series Priority List.
The first series you set to record has the highest priority and is the
program recorded in case of a conflict. If there are no conflicts, each
additional series you set to record is added to the bottom of the list. You
can easily change the recording priority of the programs so that the
programs of your choice are recorded in case of a conflict.
• Select DVR from the Main Menu or Quick Menu.
• Choose Series Priority.
• Highlight a program and use the Page +/- buttons on your remote
to modify its priorities.
Note: If you want to record two series recordings instead of an individual
recording that airs at the same time, you must delete the individual recording
from the Scheduled Recordings List.

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Adding SKIP button & how to un-Mute

DCT6412 Remote Control

There are now two virtually identical remote controls that Shaw issues with the 6412, but there are minor differences when programming the remote.

The newer remote (ver.2) has a pre-programmed SKIP button just below the MUTE button, and a MUSIC button just below the LAST button. On the older remote (ver.1) those buttons are labelled HELP and LOCK.

Add a SKIP button:
The 6412 has a 30-second commercial SKIP function (same as the 6208), but there is no corresponding control button on the (ver.1) remote to activate it.
You can add a SKIP button to your (ver.1) Remote by following these steps:
1) Press the "Cable" button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
2) Press and hold the "Setup" button until the "Cable" button blinks twice.
3) Type in the code 994. The "Cable" button will blink twice.
4) Press (do not hold) the "Setup" button.
5) Type in the code 173.
6) Press whatever button you want to map the SKIP function to.

Muted after a recording:
When the 6412 powers up automatically to start a scheduled recording, it mutes the audio out (possibly to prevent it from blasting you in the middle of the night if you accidentally leave your audio amp powered up). This mute is on the 6412 itself and there is no corresponding control button on the remote to unmute it.

You can add the necessary Mute button by programming the remote with a code 141 (code 00141 for ver.2 remotes) using the same procedure as for the SKIP button, above.

Or to issue the signal only once (without mapping it to a button), follow these steps:
1) Press the "Cable" button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
2) Press the "Setup" button and 141. (00141 for ver.2 remotes)

Or just don't turn the 6412 off... the recording will still start but the audio will not be muted.

Restoring a button to the original function:
To undo a change and remap a button back to its original function, follow these steps:
1) Press the "Cable" button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
2) Press and hold the "Setup" button until the "Cable" button blinks twice.
3) Type in the code 994. The "Cable" button will blink twice.
4) Press whatever button you want to restore, then press it again (ie. press twice).

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I don't know if the 6412 uses different i-guide software, but the 6208 definitely does not have a 'Create a Series Recording Icon'. If fact, this has been one of the main deficiencies of this unit compared to Tivo, which handles Series recording beautifully. If this is actually something that the 6412 has, I will definitely be looking into dumping my 6208 in favour of the 6412!

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Now, How would I get a custom programmed skip feature into my Harmony remote that takes their programming information off of the DCT's features...

(I think I know the answer but maybe someone else has already applied this to their universal remote)

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Bluecruzer said:
Now, How would I get a custom programmed skip feature into my Harmony remote that takes their programming information off of the DCT's features...
I don't understand the question.
Do you want to add the DCT Skip button mentioned above to your Harmony remote? Do you have the H659 or something else?

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Its a 628 - great unit in the insane world of universal HT remotes - and I obtain all programming codes off the web (instead of head to head programming)... I suppose that would mean I need assign off the original remote, then cross function off the new remote.

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Some tips and quotes from users of the 6412 on other cable systems:

Noise Levels:
"Just wanted to report back that this box is dead quiet compared to the 6208. Doesn't seem to be a fan in it unless they put in ultra quiet ones."

Playback controls:
"When viewing a program the > is forward, ^ is play/pause, < is reverse, and the bottom button is 'live'. I find these buttons much more convenient than the identified transport controls" (with updates from the TV Guide manual & Felgar)

No RF output:
Unlike the 6208, the 6412 does not have an RF (coaxial cable) output. If you have a requirement for this you'll have to add an RF modulator to your setup.

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6412 Issues

Thank you in advance. I run a 46" Samsung DLP through DVI for reference.

1) I have a non HD SHAW box that uses the new menu system and love how fast the menu scrolls through the channels. There is virtually no delay at all if channeling up from 5 to 6 or from 11 - 12- 13. The 6208 had about a 3 second delay between channels. I returned the 6208 because of this. Has SHAW fixed that issue with the new 6412?

2) The 6208 would change the analog signal to a digital signal in the box. Please tell me that Motorola and SHAW have set this new box up so that it leaves the analog signal alone. Standard Definition through S-Video on my DLP is GOOD. Standard Definition through the HD box via DVI is brutal.

3) Since the signal from Star Choice is digital from the source, Standard Definition would remain really good through their HD box via DVI. I'm not sure if I should keep waitng for the Star Choice HD PVR or go back to SHAW with this new and hopefully improved 6412..... anyone?

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I haven't owned either, but my guess is that 1) and 2) are both due to the box recording everything, so it has to digitize everything. This may be the cause for the channel change delay, and is almost certainly the cause of the lousy analogue SD. I'd guess the 6412 works exactly the same way.

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I have been told from a relatively good source that Feb 1st the new units will be available. There is still no official word on "trade ups" for those of us who have the 6200 or 6208.....

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Shaw buy-back of old terminals

Uwish said:
There is still no official word on "trade ups" for those of us who have the 6200 or 6208.....
I've received slightly mixed messages from Shaw on trade-ups (on whether they take HD terminals), but here's what I've been told.

Shaw Calgary (email):
We do offer a buy back for NON-HD terminals. You can receive up to $80.00 for your digital terminal, depending on its age and condition.

The buy back money could then be applied towards a new model of terminal if you wish. This would be cash back to you so you would be able to spend your buy back money in any store.

To take advantage of the buy back, you would bring your digital terminal and remote into any Shaw retail location and fill out a buy back form. The terminal would then be sent to our warehouse where the terminal would be appraised and a dollar amount would be determined. You would then accept or decline this offer. If you accept, a cheque would be issued and mailed to you. If you declined the offer you would be able to arrange to pick up or have the terminal dropped off.
Shaw Victoria (by phone):
Basically the same story as above, but they said that they will also buy back HD terminals for up to $300.

I also obtained clarification from them that the buy back is not dependent on you buying a new terminal, they will buy back terminals at any time. And the amount can be credited to your account or taken in cash (cheque).

The Victoria CSR also told me that, to her knowledge, the amount that you receive back for an HD terminal does not depend on the model.. that a DCT5100, 6200 or 6208 would each be worth $300 if they were received in good shape and with a remote.
I personally have the oldest HD terminal, an original DCT5100 (in great shape) that I will be taking in, so I guess I'll be finding out for myself if they really offer $300 for it. I view that with some skepticism. Unfortunately I'm told it can take up to a month to get the buy back, so I guess I won't know for awhile.

If anyone has used the buy back before (I think some 6208 buyers traded up), please post your experiences.

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ooch! $300 isn't bad for me and the 6200 but if I had the 6208 and they still only offered me $300 then I would be a little ticked. Still if these new 6412 are going for $750 and I get $300 for my less than one year old 6200 that still leaves $450 for me to cough up. I may wait until the summer to see if these new unit come down in price any. I remember when I first bought my 6200 it was $489 from Futureshop, I am not sure what they are now, but I know the 6208 is in that price range.

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These last couple of posts has raised a number of questions...

From speaking with a few AB Sound reps (last week), they sounded somewhat optimistic about the 6412 arriving this week. Is the early Feb report meaning available right from Shaw? I remember reading a post that the 6412 will be available through Shaw once the 6208 stock is unloaded; could that be why there is a couple week delay in avails? I realize this is mostly speculation ...

As an owner of a 6200 and able to resist the migration to the 6208 when it became available; im quite anxious for the 6412. (hopefully before SuperBowl sunday)

Uwish, do you have any idea whether the $300 buy-back is contingent on purchasing the 6412 from Shaw directly?

Any idea when we can expect an official word from Shaw about the buy-back? This seems to be a switch in their attitudes, does it not?

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Good questions. From my unserstanding the $300 rebate is open when you swap or upgrade your DCT from a 6208 or 6200 model. I have no concrete information as to weather they will do this on a unit purchaced from another retailer (instead of directly from shaw) however, my gut tells me they will as shaw is forcing users to buy the DCT and not just rent them. You do not actually get the $300 until you return your HD STB and its dependant on its return. This means you may have to fork out the $750 from a retailer, install it and have it activated then return the old one for the rebate instead of having a tech come out and switch the units and just pay $450....either way its the same in the long run accept you get to have the 6412 earlier instead of waiting for a swap out which can take weeks (and most likely longer as I am expecting high numbers of calls for swapouts when this unit is officially released by shaw).

As for availablility, I do believe that the DTC6412 will be available before shaw officially releases it. But, that is sort of irrelavent, you will still be able to have the unit activated etc as long as you install it on or after shaw's official release date as from that time forward they will be supporting that hardware. Also, I have heard nothing official about them holding back on the 6412 until their inventory of 6208's has run out. In fact that would be suicide, there are many educated people who will want the dual tuner version and just won't accept the 6208 especially after Shaw's advertising campaign that is going to hammer the "record one show and watch another" etc etc.....My guess is they will return the 6208's to the manufacture and have them converted to 6412's. From what I understand it isn't a huge undertaking to add another tuner, larger HD and upgrade the software.

PS NOTE: as is said in the above paragraph, shaw will not support hardware until its officially released by shaw, this means if you buy a 6412 tomorrow you will NOT be able to activate it until shaw goes online with it. I don't want any confusion over that...
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