Without fanfare, Shaw Cable this morning began rolling out new firmware for the company's Pace Whistler and Tahoe high definition personal video recorders (HD PVR).

The new firmware is loaded in the background onto customers HD PVRs and once the download is complete the device will automatically reboot and load the new software.

If a recording is in progress when the new firmware download is complete, then the PVR will wait for the recording to complete before rebooting.

The new firmware for the Tahoe box adds E-SATA support for a 1TB external har drive along with a fixes for black recordings and rewind and fast forward bugs. The new firmware for the Whistler box includes fixes for a Sharp Aquos infrared remote issue, a fix for black recordings and a fix for rewind and fast forward bugs.

Early reports from Digital Home readers is the Fast forward and rewind bugs have been fixed but bugs, however, readers still complain of audio drops which have plagued the Shaw Digital cable system for several years.

Next Wednesday April 14th, the company is also expected to introduce new firmware for the Pace Summit and Pace Aspen HD PVRs.

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