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Shaw Cable gives subscribers 15 more music channels

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Shaw Cable, Canada's largest cable television provider, said this week that it has added fifteen new Galaxie music channels to its digital cable line-up.

The new channels, which are available now, have a focus on cultural music, with stations ranging from Bollywood Hits, to Arabic, to Guangdong. Three channels, appealing to young adults - Canadian Indie, Headbangers and Hip Hop - have also been added.

"Shaw is proud to be the first provider in Canada to offer all of these new Galaxie channels to our customers" said Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc.

In total, Shaw now offers subscribers fifty-five Galaxie music stations as part of its digital television package. The channels can be accessed by tuning into channels in the 400 range, or by streaming them online. Online streaming and channel information can be found on the Shaw website.

The new music channels include:
  • Canadian Indie
  • Headbangers
  • Hip Hop
  • Latino Urbano
  • Today's Latin Pop
  • Guangdong
  • Mando Pop
  • The Asian Flavour
  • Bollywood Hits
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi Gold
  • Sounds of South India
  • Classical India
  • World Carnival
  • Arabic
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Congratulations to Shaw for adding some channels for grown ups for a change. I do appreciate that most companies have to cater to the demographics so they say. However, after closely examing most of the new offerings of the last few years it seems mainly to be Sports (enough already) or channels showing those idiotic reality programs. I do understand they are popular so I guess that is why TV today is mostly for the low information viewer. Please Shaw, continue to offer up the occasional channel for viewers like me. History International would be nice as the History Channel is now a complete joke.
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