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Shaw Cable analogue to digital migration

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I received a notice from my apartment building, who bundles basic cable into my rent, and was told that Shaw needs to install digital boxes to remain receiving basic cable. Makes no difference to me since I already have a HD PVR, an HD box (awaiting a new TV to hook it up to as it is a rental) and a SD box. But here in Lloydminster are they phasing out analog cable altogether or did my apartment building make this decision?

If so, does this mean that Lloydminster will finally receive all the channels Shaw offers elsewhere such as Canadian Timeshifting and Superchannel? I would assume this would be a solution to the finite capacity issue as I understand that digital has a higher capacity (possibly infinite like IPTV) and could carry all of these channels without a capacity issue.
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Maybe they'll install a DSAN in your building
@cslusarc I'm not sure if all areas of Winnipeg are going all-digital. If your building is affected, you should see a crawl at least once an hour on analog channels.

Shaw has various agreements with building owners. It's possible the pricing agreement will continue. Some agreements include one digital box per suite which allows you to order VOD and additional channels. Your condo board should be able to answer your questions in your specific case.
You'll probably have to buy a box of some sort but in our building in Vancouver i believe those who still have the basic package that comes with with their rent still have it but needed the box .
Don't have Shaw but I do live in a town house condo that has bulk pricing with our local cable company, Source Cable (Operated by Rogers). We get basic cable and Tier 1 included with our condo fee but the customer has to supply the cable box either by rental or purchase. Our system has been all-digital for about a year and a half now.
If Winnipeg goes all-digital, does this mean that Shaw is discontinuing grandfathered Basic Cable and Classic Cable? My condo has a bulk rate contract for Classic Cable.
I would imagine they would provide you with a free DCX 3200. Get some HD channels with it too.
Does anyone know if any of SHAW's cablesystems are completely digital with analog completely gone??
I've heard that Shaw Winnipeg is showing a full screen on all analog channels saying that you need a digital box, so they pulled the analog feed on schedule. Is anyone in any areas of Winnipeg still receiving analog channels?

@thenewdc I believe other cities have already gone all-digital.

@cslusarc I'm curious about what happened in your situation.
Rogers has completely removed all info screens, but their is a fish channel on 3 and 70 for their techs
As of last Thursday night the St. Vital area was still receiving analog signals, but every 30 minutes or so there would be a crawl across the screen saying you needed a digital box as of February 4th to continue to receive the channel.
Thanks @vdemasi - I guess they just did the old Videon head-end west of the Red on January 28 and are doing the Cablevision head-end on February 4.
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